Man perfects the KFC recipe from home and reveals the secret 11 herbs and spices on Heart Breakfast

20 April 2020, 15:50 | Updated: 20 April 2020, 15:51

You can recreate the incredible southern fried chicken at home
You can recreate the incredible southern fried chicken at home. Picture: PA
Mared Parry

By Mared Parry

If you're missing the chicken chain restaurant's grub, then here's the chance for you to replicate it yourself.

Many restaurants have had to shut their doors as a result of COVID-19 and the government's restrictions, one of which being KFC.

Many are missing their Kentucky Fried Chicken fix, and while a number of supermarkets are selling similar southern fried-style chicken items in their freezers, they don't quite come up to scratch.

Dan has showed off his incredible chicken wings
Dan has showed off his incredible chicken wings. Picture: Twitter @TheKidLewis

KFC super-fan Dan Fell spoke to Amanda Holden and Jamie Theakston on today's Heart Breakfast and revealed that he has been "practicing a long time to try and replicate KFC's recipe, and I've cracked it."

Jamie asked if he was talking about THE Colonel Sanders' secret recipe, which is known to be "one of corporate America's closely guarded secrets", and Dan told him he was indeed, and that it isn't such a closely guarded secret anymore.

Amanda wanted to clarify, asking : "Is it the breadcrumb-y bit you mean?", and Dan confirmed, saying it took him a whopping 18 month to figure out the perfect combination of herbs and spices.

"I've had a good time spending many hours in lockdown creating the recipe" he added.

Heart Breakfast caller reveals his secret KFC recipe

Dan then teased that there are a lot of different recipes that go into the details of it, "but I've tinkered with it and I think actually if you get the right amount of flour, and the right mix of garlic powder and celery salt, those are the two that really bring it to life, and a bit of oregano as well."

He also added: "I pop a bit of paprika in too, that's the largest chunk of it actually, four tablespoons of paprika goes into it".

While the budding KFC chef didn't read out his exact recipe on-air, he has shared all of the details, including the method, on his Twitter account.

The recipe for the chicken seasoning is as follows:


- Unseasoned chicken (whatever you fancy)

- Self raising flour

For the seasoning

- 5 cups of plain flour

- 1/2 tbsp oregano

- 1/2 tbsp thyme

- 1 tbsp ginger

- 2 tbsp garlic powder

- 1 tbsp mustard powder

- 1 tbsp celery salt

- 1 tbsp black pepper

- 1/3 tbsp sea salt

- 2 tbsp white pepper

- 4 tbsp paprika

For the egg wash

- 1 egg

- Dash of milk

How to make perfect KFC chicken at home


- Mix all of the seasoning ingredients together in a tub

- Mix the seasoning 3 part mix to 1 part self raising flour.

- Grab chicken that is at room temperature for cooking and give it a light salt seasoning.

- Coat chicken in the flour mix, give it a good egg wash, and another coating in the flour mix.

- Put chicken in the fryer, which has oil at 162.5C for around 5-6 minutes.

- [If you're batch cooking keep in oven at 80C between batches, then fry for around 90 seconds before serving]