Work Snacks: Jack Links Biltong, it's beef jerky but not as you know it

30 October 2019, 08:37 | Updated: 30 October 2019, 09:34

You can currently buy a packet of the South African snack for £3 from Asda
You can currently buy a packet of the South African snack for £3 from Asda. Picture: Heart
Emma Gritt

By Emma Gritt

This week it was good news for the carnivores in the office... we're cracking open the dried meat.

Now a packet of beef jerky was never going to please everyone in the office - but for the handful of Heart colleagues who love meat, the day the Jack Links biltong arrived has been hailed as a high point of Work Snacks history.

Described as “chewy and meaty” by one of the two men who demolished the packets sent in for us to try, a packet of air dried strips of meat is definitely one of the snacks you can be sure no one will try and take off you.

Whether this is because gnawing on a piece of the sinewy treat makes you look like a bitey dog is still up for debate.

It was definitely a different option to previous snacks we're shared out, like Poundland popcorn and Pringles, and a tad more expensive, too.

Jack Links’ biltong, currently for sale for £3 at Asda, is not technically beef jerky, although there are similarities.

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The brand explains on their website: “Both meat snacks are made of 100% lean beef, but Beef Jerky and Biltong offer you a different taste and texture experience.

“Jerky is always smoked and has a sweeter taste, whereas Biltong is never smoked and crafted with spirit vinegar. Biltong also has a slower drying time.”

So there you have it. And even if you never eat meat as a snack, the above info might come in handy during a pub quiz one day...