Fun Easter egg hunt ideas to enjoy with the kids

26 March 2021, 16:19 | Updated: 8 April 2022, 13:13

Check out our fun Easter egg ideas
Check out our fun Easter egg ideas. Picture: Getty Images

Try out our 7 creative egg hunt ideas this Easter - including painting, relays and trails.

We’ve put together some creative egg hunt ideas which are perfect for playing with the kids (and adults).

From painting eggs to Easter relays, check out our list below…

Easter party invites

You could create a formal egg hunt invite for the kids.

Adding a time, location and themed dress code are just a few ways to make staying indoors a bit more special.

Hand out garden party invites to your family
Hand out garden party invites to your family. Picture: Getty Images

Decorate your eggs

Ahead of your hunt, why not enlist the help of the little ones to decorate their own eggs.

Whether you have real egg shells or wooden ones, you and the kids can use acrylic paints and glitter to jazz up your designs.

Relay race

For you children who are a little older, why not split into teams and task them with finding the eggs as part of a relay.

If you are lucky enough to have a garden, set the first child off to go in search of an egg, and once they’ve found it, they come back and tag the next teammate.

This Nutella stuffed kinder egg has us ready for Easter

Easter hunt prizes

If you have had enough chocolate over the Easter period, why not use fun incentives instead?

Maybe the eggs could have notes inside which offer the kids extra time on the computer one evening, or their choice of film that day.

Hints and clues

As your kids get older, try challenging them to solve riddles and clues.

These could be hints as to where the next treat is, like an Easter treasure hunt around your home or garden.

Give your little one clues as to where the next egg is
Give your little one clues as to where the next egg is. Picture: Getty Images

Easter lookout list

As well as collecting eggs, ask the kids to point out other things in the garden.

This could be anything from snails, to different coloured flowers and plants.

Hansel and Gretel trail

If you have very little ones playing along, you could try leaving out tiny eggs in a trail.

Your kids would collect these in a basket and it would lead them to a bigger treat at the end.

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