Groom's affair exposed by pregnant mistress crashing reception in a veil

23 December 2020, 08:57 | Updated: 23 December 2020, 09:00

A wedding guest has revealed a shock story about his cousin'd big day
A wedding guest has revealed a shock story about his cousin'd big day. Picture: Getty Images

A guest has told the story of his cousin's nightmare wedding day.

Many couples have been left disappointed this year after the coronavirus pandemic put on hold big wedding plans.

But while most pairs dream of the perfect day surrounded by their family and friends, one man has revealed the most shocking ceremony he’s ever been to.

Taking to Reddit to share his story, the anonymous user said his cousin’s big day turned into a nightmare when it was revealed that he’d been cheating on his new wife.

To make things more complicated, his mistress was pregnant and decided to show up at the evening party.

Awful wedding stories have been revealed
Awful wedding stories have been revealed. Picture: Getty Images

They wrote: "My cousin got married. Came to find out he knocked up another chick.

"She showed up with her friend at the wedding reception 8 1/2 months pregnant, hammered drunk and wearing a wedding gown and veil.

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"She hung out for a couple of hours drinking and laughing at everyone."

And that isn’t the only shock story shared on the Reddit page, as a wedding cake baker revealed she discovered the groom was having an affair with another man on the big day.

She explained: "I went to deliver a cake, and met the wedding planner, looking completely frazzled. I've worked with the woman A LOT and we're good work friends at this point, even though we're technically in different fields.

"She tells me the groom's boyfriend showed up to confess to the bride that he’d been with the groom longer than she had and they were in love, but the groom got to him first.

"They were currently sobbing in the groom's suite telling each other they loved one another and the groom saying he'd never love her like he loved him.”

They added: "The wedding, somehow, went on. I saw a few pictures since the bride included them in her review of my bakery.

"Groom looks miserable while she looks radiant and happy."

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