What are blue light glasses, do they help headaches and where can I buy a fashionable pair?

1 May 2020, 16:31 | Updated: 12 May 2020, 15:29

Blue light glasses are growing in popularity
Blue light glasses are growing in popularity. Picture: Getty
Mared Parry

By Mared Parry

Migraines, stress and dry eyes can all be linked to the blue light that's emitted from computer screens, and it's possible that you can reduce those effects by wearing some fashionable blue light glasses.

Lockdown is sending many of us who work from home absolutely barmy, and being in front of a screen for so many hours a day doesn't help.

Usually, after a long day's work in the office we head out and socialise, or unwind at home, but a lot of us are finding ourselves unable to separate work from chill time and are spending unnecessary hours in front of the computer.

Blue light glasses are all the rage at the moment, and they have many health benefits.

Heart.co.uk spoke to a number of experts who told us a bit more about what exactly blue light glasses are and how they work.

Staring at screens all day isn't good for anyone
Staring at screens all day isn't good for anyone. Picture: Getty

What are blue light glasses and how do they work?

A spokesperson for eyewear specialists, Feel Good Contacts explained: "Blue light glasses are designed with lenses to filter out blue emitted from digital screens.

"Wearing the glasses can help reduce the effects of exposure to blue light, which is bad for you as it has the shortest wavelengths and highest frequencies.

What this means is that it causes haze and blur on screens, making it difficult to focus, which can lead to digital eye strain and fatigue.

"If you spend a lot of time in front of your phone, tablet or computer screen, blue light glasses might be the answer to reduce eye strain and optimise your visual comfort."

Feel Good Contacts sell a number of styles
Feel Good Contacts sell a number of styles. Picture: Feel Good Contacts

Why are so many people using them?

Blue light glasses have gained popularity over recent years due to the increasing usage of digital devices, we’re spending more hours a day looking at monitors and smartphones.

However, they've become incredibly popular over the past few weeks due to lockdown.

Marketing Manager at Feel Good Contacts, Nimesh Shah added;we’ve seen an increase in the demand for blue light glasses during the covid-19 outbreak as more people are working from home”.

Can you buy fashionable blue light glasses?

A few years ago, blue light glasses were only really available in basic styles, and they were used for practicality alone.

However, things are changing and as demand grows, brands are adapting to fulfil people's fashion needs.

Fashionable eyewear brand QUAY Australia have collaborated with the likes of Chrissy Tiegen on a blue light glasses range and they are absolutely stunning.

A spokesperson for the brand told us: "from chic cat eyes, to edgy metal navigators, to classic wear-everyday squares—the QUAY blue light collection offers options for everyone.

"One of QUAY's primary points of difference have always been our accessible fashion edge, and that comes through in our blue light styles."

Some of the brand's most popular styles include HARDWIRE, I SEE YOU, RUMOURS, and JEZABELL.

Chrissy Tiegen has created a stunning range with QUAY
Chrissy Tiegen has created a stunning range with QUAY. Picture: QUAY

Feel Good Contacts also provided the information below:

You may need blue light glasses if you’re suffering from any of the following symptoms:

- You have headaches

- You have eye strain

- You have eye-fatigue

- You have trouble sleeping

- You spend hours in front of digital devices

Can you get prescription glasses with blue light filter?

Yes, you can get blue light blocking lenses for your prescription glasses.

During the manufacturing process of your lenses, a special coating will be applied to block the blue light.

It's possible to get prescription glasses with blue light technology
It's possible to get prescription glasses with blue light technology. Picture: Getty

Wearing blue light glasses may reduce the effects of:

- Dry eyes

- Digital eye strain

- Headaches

- Sleep cycle disruption

- Macular degeneration

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