World Heart Day 2020: James Stewart relives terrifying moment his dad had a heart attack

29 September 2020, 08:59

James Stewart shares terrifying moment his dad had a heart attack

September 29th is World Heart Day, which is an opportunity for us to come together to discuss our heart health, and that of our loved ones.

Heart presenter James Stewart has urged people to learn the signs of a heart attack after he almost lost his dad last week.

Today is World Heart Day, which is a chance for people to discuss the causes and signs of cardio vascular disease - and it has really hit home for the Heart Early Breakfast presenter.

Speaking to Jamie Theakston and Amanda Holden, he shared the dramatic moment his dad - who is only 55 - woke him up suffering from chest pains.

He said: "Very recently, last Sunday I was home visiting my parents and unbeknownst to us at the time, he was having a heart attack.

"He was sweaty without being hot, he said it felt like someone was like someone 'jumping on his chest'."

James, 30, added that unsure of the symptoms, he quickly called 111 - and paramedics were on the scene in half an hour.

His dad was rushed to hospital where he had a stent fitted, and has since recovered, but the health scare has made James think about his own heart health.

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He told Jamie and Amanda: "My dad is only 55, he’s young. But it’s not about age it’s hereditary. I’m only 30 but it’s made me more aware about how I can look after my own heart."

Last week James posted a picture to Instagram of him with his dad, urging his followers to learn the signs of a heart attack.

He wrote: "This is my lovely Dad. He suffered a heart attack in the early hours of Sunday morning, and I wanted to post this in case it helped anyone else.

"By complete chance I was home visiting him & our brilliant NHS got him to a cardiac ward, and operated within 30 minutes (they’re superheroes).

"Whilst he had really severe chest pains, he was also really nauseous, felt sick and was burning up & sweating too.... all key symptoms I had no idea about, so just wanted to put it out there - don’t leave these symptoms unchecked with all that’s going on at the moment."

Thankfully, James' dad is now recovering at home.

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