The iPod Touch could be making a comeback later this year

26 May 2021, 12:10

The iPod Touch could make a comeback this year
The iPod Touch could make a comeback this year. Picture: Getty Images/PA Images

The iPod Touch could return to our shelves later this year to celebrate its 20 year anniversary.

Apple could be bringing back the iPod Touch later this year, to celebrate 20 years since the first iPod was launched.

In a tweet by contributor Steve Moser, he said: “This fall Apple is planning to release the next version of the iPod Touch.”

He then added: “Please note that this information has not been independently verified and should be treated as a rumour, not a leak.”

While this is all speculation, tech experts are convinced it will happen after Apple recently announced a major upgrade to its Apple Music streaming service.

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The first iPod was launched in 2001
The first iPod was launched in 2001. Picture: PA Images

From June, users will be able to listen to CD-quality, lossless and Spatial Audio songs at no extra cost.

Apple Tomorrow also said in a tweet: "We are expecting a redesigned iPod Touch based on information, that I worked on behind the scenes, with @AppleLe257! Here are renders I made of it!"

According to the rumours, the 8th-gen iPod touch is thought to come in a range of colours just like the iPhone 12, and will have Face ID as well.

The rest of the details are being kept hush-hush at the moment.

It didn’t take music fans long to get excited over the potential new gadget.

“I’ll definitely buy one even though I have the iPhone 12. I’ve still got my iPod touch from 2008,” said one person on Twitter.

Another said: “I might actually potentially get one if it has a jack.”

Parents suggested it would be great for younger children who don’t have phones, as one person wrote: “Excited about this product will make a good in home communicator /entertainment hub for my kid.”

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“This will be great for parents that don't want to give their kid a phone but still communicate,” a second agreed.

While someone else added: “I know it won't be.... but I really, really hope we get a new iPod Classic HD... like I said... I know we won't but it would be nice.”

A new iPod Touch hasn't been released since 2019, when the first model in four years was launched.

This model provided extra storage of up to 256GB and an A10 Fusion chip which was used to power the game subscription service Apple Arcade.

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