Jack is officially the naughtiest name, according to a new study

13 December 2021, 12:57

Here's the naughtiest names in the UK
Here's the naughtiest names in the UK. Picture: Getty Images
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By Heart reporter

If you're called Jack, you officially have the naughtiest name in the UK according to new research.

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The naughtiest name of 2021 has been revealed, and it’s not good news if your name is Jack or Jade.

Ahead of Christmas, The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience has conducted a study to see which monikers are the 'naughtiest' - and Jack tops the list for boys.

As for girls, Jade is the naughtiest, while Megan, Chloe, Jessica and Katie are also up there.

Following Jack on the boy’s list is Jake, Jordan, Liam and Harry.

Jack has been given the title of naughtiest name
Jack has been given the title of naughtiest name. Picture: Getty Images

But it’s not all bad, as the study also discovered which names are the ‘nicest’ as well.

If your name is Charlotte, you’re firmly on the nice list, along with Emily and Emma.

The study conducted by The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience also found that a third of Brits believe someone’s name can impact their personality.

A quarter of men have admitted to judging someone based on their name, compared to one in ten women.

And it turns out those living in London are most likely to say they would judge someone for their name (33 per cent), while only 20 per cent of people living in Manchester said the same.

The naughtiest names in the UK have been revealed
The naughtiest names in the UK have been revealed. Picture: Alamy

Explaining why some of us are quick to have preconceived ideas about names, behavioural psychologist Jo Hemmings said it's all about ‘self identity’.

"A lot can be taken from a name. It is key to our self-identity and how people communicate with us when we first meet them,” she said.

“Psychological research confirms that if you have an unusual or distinct name, you are more likely to pursue a more unusual career.

"Or if your name is associated with a famous person, people may judge you on your name or expect you to behave like that person and adjust to that behaviour in some way.”

She went on to say that if we feel 'judged' by our names, we are ‘very likely to respond behaviourally, often subconsciously, to that judgement’.