Fashion influencer reveals top tip to prevent heels hurting and slipping

27 August 2020, 14:20 | Updated: 6 December 2020, 11:04

The heels are made comfortable easily
The heels are made comfortable easily. Picture: TikTok

The easy hacks were shared on TikTok by the fashionable user.

A fashion influencer has shocked her followers with her incredibly easy life hacks that makes walking in painful high heels so much easier!

Hadia Ghaleb, from Dubai has just shy of 2m followers on Instagram and has racked up an impressive 288k on TikTok as well.

The fashionista's video, which shows off three simple ways to reduce pain and friction in your shoes has gone viral, racking up 800k views and thousands of likes and comments.

Hadia's first tip is to make your shoes slip less inside and to keep them fresh.

She simply sprays deodorant in the heels lightly - we'll be trying this one!

She sprays the shoes
She sprays the shoes. Picture: TikTok

As well as this, there is another tip to prevent slipping, but this time it's to stop you from falling over due to the non-grip soles of heels.

She grabs a nail file and buffs the bottom of the shoes to give them a bit more of a rough surface underneath.

And finally, the last time is very simple but will save a lot of us I'm sure!

Adding Vaseline to any sore bits on the shoes to prevent rubbing! Genius!

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