Beauty-fanatic nurse reveals how to tie hair in ponytail without a hairband

19 May 2020, 17:04

The tutorial only takes seconds
The tutorial only takes seconds. Picture: TikTok

Everyone should know this amazing hair hack!

One lady has seriously hacked the hair game and has figured out a way to tie back her hair into a ponytail without using any kind of hair tie!

Kimberly Grimes, an American TikTok user has shown everyone how she ties her long hair into a quick ponytail with minimal effort.

Just watch, she makes it look so easy!

The TikTok video has attracted over 500 likes from fellow users of the app, where Kimberly breaks down the steps so people can follow at home.

The mum starts by bringing her hair into a low pony tail and holds it in her hand.

She says to take a quarter of the hair (without letting it go) take it in a loop and wrap it around the rest of the pony tail.

Kimberly explains that you have to hold onto the loop, twist and wrap one more time - just as you would with a regular hairband.

You'll be shocked one you try
You'll be shocked one you try. Picture: TikTok

Once you've wrapped it, pull it tight and boom - you have yourself a no-fuss pony tail.

The clever hack was previously shown in another clip by Kimberly, but many were confused by the simple steps.

And after she's explained how she does it, fellow mums and women with long hair across the globe are shocked they hadn't discovered it sooner!

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