Optical illusion leaves people baffled as everyone sees different animals

22 March 2022, 13:25 | Updated: 22 March 2022, 15:39

Do you see a fish or a mermaid in this optical illusion?
Do you see a fish or a mermaid in this optical illusion? Picture: Twitter

This strange optical illusion has confused social media users, with many seeing something completely different.

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An optical illusion has gone viral, with social media users divided over what they can see.

First posted on Twitter, the drawing was captioned: "If you're right-brained you'll see a fish. If you're left-brained you'll see a mermaid."

Unsurprisingly, an argument has broken out, with many people saying they see neither.

Instead, social media users can see a donkey, seal, kangaroo or aardvark.

Do you see a mermaid or a fish in this picture?
Do you see a mermaid or a fish in this picture? Picture: Twitter

“I thought it was a horse. What does THAT say about my brain,” wrote someone, while another person said: “If you turn it sideways, it’s a seal mermaid.”

A third person wrote: “I didn’t see either. I saw a donkey. I also saw someone say they see a manatee on it’s back which I then could see as well. But a mermaid or fish? No!”

While a fourth added: “My first thought was horse or donkey. I can also see a puffin, or maybe a penguin, sliding on its belly. But, then someone mentioned a seal & I can see that, too; or, a sea lion.”

And a fifth wrote: “I literally can only see a seal. I don't where y'all are getting kangaroos and donkeys.”

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Plenty of celebrities have also got involved, with Piers Morgan claiming to see a donkey and cricketer Kevin Pietersen seeing it as a Kangaroo.

Stephen Fry said he saw a donkey first and then a seal, but not a fish or a mermaid.

Looking through all the comments, it seems as if no one can see a mermaid or fish.

The post claims that if you see a fish, you are right-brained - which means you are more creative or artistic.

But if you see a mermaid you are left-brained and more analytical and methodical. What if you can’t see either?

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