Savvy mum reveals how she keeps food fresh for longer - including storing jars upside down

30 July 2020, 15:40 | Updated: 30 July 2020, 15:45

A mum has revealed how she keeps food lasting longer
A mum has revealed how she keeps food lasting longer. Picture: YouTube

YouTube star Lara Joanna Jarvis has revealed how she makes her food last longer.

If you ever find your weekly shop going out of date before you have a chance to eat it, one mum has now given out some handy tips.

Lara Joanna Jarvis has built up a following of over 40k subscribers on YouTube thanks to her videos dedicated to money-saving.

And now the mum-of-two has revealed how she makes her food last longer, including storing jars of peanut butter upside down and wrapping fresh vegetables in kitchen roll.

Speaking to the camera, Lara explains she keeps all of her (nut) butters upside down to stop them from splitting and keep them fresher for longer.

She said: “It is just a little bit nicer that when you open it up you’ll be able to spread it onto your toast quickly.”

Another hack is to store leafy greens in kitchen roll before putting them back into their plastic bag and sticking it in the fridge.

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This should stop them going limp as it absorbs all the moisture, with Lara telling her followers: “A good way of storing your leafy greens - anything like lettuce, spinach, broccoli - is to pop them into some kitchen towel, as that’s going to absorb all of the moisture so it doesn’t go wilted and mouldy.”

As well as this, Lara also makes full use of her freezer, putting everything from bread, to sliced lime in there.

Lara freezes her bread in slices
Lara freezes her bread in slices. Picture: YouTube

She explains: “We always freeze our bread, even if it is just a slice that hasn’t been used. Just put it into a freezer bag and then you can use it when you need it.

“I slice up limes if they’re going to go bad and pop them into a freezer bag. These are great for a cheeky margarita.

“I always chop up my herbs and pop them in here. Another way of doing it is putting the chopped herbs into oil and then into ice trays to chuck into cooking.

“I always chop up leafy greens if I’m not going to use them.

“I usually chop bananas before freezing them and they can be thrown into smoothies.”

Other tips include using old tomatoes for a sauces and soups, as well as storing garlic in a dark cupboard to help is last ‘absolutely ages’.

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