'My neighbour banned me from parking outside their house - they're saving space for guests'

18 October 2022, 13:17 | Updated: 18 October 2022, 13:45

A woman has fumed at her neighbour
A woman has fumed at her neighbour. Picture: Alamy

A Mumsnet user has asked for advice after he neighbour asked her not to park near their house.

A woman has fumed after her neighbour, who has a drive, asked her not to park her car near their house.

The mum explained that she doesn’t have her own drive, so she just parks wherever she can get a space on the road.

Taking to Mumsnet, the anonymous woman said: “We rent a terraced house on a green with no parking.

“There is space outside our house for one car and the other has to go somewhere on the green.

A woman was banned from parking outside her neighbour's house
A woman was banned from parking outside her neighbour's house. Picture: Alamy

“Someone on the other side with a drive has just asked me not to park my car near their house as it is inconvenient for their guests and work men.”

She went on to say that the neighbour told her to park her vehicle on a separate street further away from their house.

Asking for advice, she added: “Was I being unreasonable to tell them quite sharply that I would love to be able to afford a house with a drive but there's a housing crisis and I can't.

“So my car can be parked anywhere legally that I fancy. I don't understand people who think they own the road outside their houses."

A woman has said her neighbour won't let her park outside their house
A woman has said her neighbour won't let her park outside their house. Picture: Alamy

Unsurprisingly, there were plenty of comments as one person wrote: "Woah- they want convenience for people who don’t even live there, over your convenience? You were not at all unreasonable!!"

Another person wrote: "How cheeky - I could maybe understand slightly for workmen, seeing as this would only be temporary. But for guests?! Naaaah I wouldn't, park where you like!!!."

A third person added: “She can park where she wants, it's a public road. It's not inconveniencing the neighbour when she wants the space for guests / workers. They can park further away and walk, they don't live there."

But someone else hit back: "I think you were wrong to be sharp. And of course you would not want to inconvenience the same person all the time, so I hope you do park in a variety of other places reasonable convenient to you. Neighbourliness and all that."

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