Mum sparks debate over how much cash the Tooth Fairy should leave kids

25 September 2020, 14:07 | Updated: 25 September 2020, 14:08

How much does your tooth fairy gift? (stock images)
How much does your tooth fairy gift? (stock images). Picture: Getty

Some parents have been slammed for giving 'obscene amounts' to their kids.

A mum has sparked furious debate after questioning how much is the appropriate amount for the tooth fairy to give.

Nicole Steel - from Edinburgh - asked fellow parents for advice on Facebook, after her daughter discovered that she has her first wobbly tooth.

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The comment was left on Family Lockdown Tips and Ideas, and has racked up 3,500 comments from parents, as reported by The Sun.

Many parents claimed they gift their kids up to £20
Many parents claimed they gift their kids up to £20. Picture: Getty

She wrote: "My five year old Isla came out of school earlier today over the moon she's finally got wobbly teeth! Two!!

"So... What's the going rate these days for the Tooth Fairy?! I've asked about and it seems to be either a couple of quid or £10.

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"No in between. I remember getting £1 and a pick n mix for my first tooth."

While the majority of parents said they give a single coin of around £1, many claimed that they gift huge amounts of cash to their kids.

One wrote: "20 quid first tooth then a tenner then a  fiver then down to a couple of quid after that.

Another added: "I done £20 for the first tooth, then £10 then £5. Now I say the tooth fairy is running out of money."

The mum sparked debate over the amount the tooth fairy should give (stock image)
The mum sparked debate over the amount the tooth fairy should give (stock image). Picture: Getty

A third said: "I gave £20 for their 'first tooth' the £10 for the second and £5 for every one after. I only gave £20 because I felt like it was an important milestone for them and wanted them to feel like it was really important."

Some others blasted these claims, with one describing gifting that much to be 'obscene'.

One said: “What? My kids got £2 for their first and £1 for each one since! £10 is b****y obscene."

Another added: "My kids had friends getting several pounds but seriously, upwards of £20 for a mouthful?"


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