Mum transforms bathroom into 'Jurassic Park' for dinosaur-mad son for just £264

2 July 2021, 12:33 | Updated: 3 January 2022, 10:39

Dawn gave her bathroom an incredible makeover
Dawn gave her bathroom an incredible makeover. Picture: Latestdeals

A mum has showed off the incredible results after giving her bathroom a Jurassic Park-themed makeover.

A mum from Oxford has showed off the results of her bathroom makeover after giving it a Jurassic Park-theme.

Dawn Sheppard, 42, who is an NHS nurse, has three children aged five months, three and seven.

She created the bathroom for just £264, using bargains from B&Q and Facebook Marketplace.

Dawn transformed her plain bathroom
Dawn transformed her plain bathroom. Picture: Latestdeals
The transformation cost her just £264
The transformation cost her just £264. Picture: Latestdeals

She told money-saving community "We moved to our forever home in July 2020 and it required a lot of work. At that point I was pregnant with our third child and realised I didn't want to be changing nappies on two little people. So I decided to decorate our downstairs toilet with a dinosaur theme to help our little boy potty train. We are a dinosaur loving family so I knew exactly what the theme would be!"

She used bargains from B&Q and Facebook Marketplace
She used bargains from B&Q and Facebook Marketplace. Picture: Latestdeals

Dawn benefited from a 20 per cent off sale in B&Q, buying a toilet for £47 and a vanity unit with a basin sink for £67. She also bought some Portuguese tile effect vinyl flooring for £50 from Best 4 Flooring.

She bought the dinosaur wallpaper from £12.49 from World of Wallpaper, and bought a brand-new radiator cover for £30 from Facebook Marketplace.

Speaking about her method, Dawn said: "The toilet and sink in that room were disgusting, so I went into overdrive to get them out of the house as soon as we got it."

The bathroom looks absolutely incredible
The bathroom looks absolutely incredible. Picture: Latestdeals

And speaking about applying the wallpaper, she added: "I’ve done both wallpapering and painting many times over the last 20 years, so this part was easy.

"My husband installed the sink and toilet, as he learned these skills from watching his dad over the years and asking family members for advice."

Her middle son was delighted with the new toilet
Her middle son was delighted with the new toilet. Picture: Latestdeals

Next, she added the radiator cover, saying: "It was a bit of a pain to get it to fit as it required cutting down, but it really finished the room off to hide the hideous radiator and pipes!"

Dawn revealed that her middle child was obsessed with the transformation, saying: "He loved it. He saw it as his toilet and we needed to get his permission to use it! With gentle encouragement, getting him to use the toilet worked a treat. He went straight from nappies to the toilet aged two and a half!"