'My neighbours are demanding I ban my son from playing in the garden'

23 June 2022, 12:18

A woman was told by her neighbour to make her kids play in the park instead (stock image)
A woman was told by her neighbour to make her kids play in the park instead (stock image). Picture: Getty

A mum has spoken of her shock after her neighbours texted her to demand her son stops playing in the garden.

With the weather getting warmer and the summer months finally upon us, many parents will be encouraging their kids to spend as much time as possible playing outside in the garden.

One mum was shocked, therefore, to be told by her neighbours that they didn't want her son to be out enjoying the sun as they 'don't want to hear it.'

As reported by the Mirror, the anonymous woman took to Mumsnet to share her story and ask for advice.

She wrote: "I don’t know what to do. I’m feeling really anxious to be honest. They’ve never raised it as a concern before the messages, and the tone was intimidating.

The woman asked Mumsnet for advice (stock image)
The woman asked Mumsnet for advice (stock image). Picture: Getty

"I replied to the first one suggesting we reach an agreement where we can all enjoy our gardens, and this was responded to by them telling, not asking, me to send them to the park down the road. Those were their words, telling not asking. They’re in their early 50s.

"Boys are 11 and 15. We have a decent-sized garden. I’m a single parent so feel I’m an easy target. Do I have any options other than moving house?!"

The post racked up a number of comments, with some asking the mum for more information.

One person wrote: "What are they doing? Passing the ball, practising a few skills? Or repeatedly kicking/bouncing the ball of a hard surface making a constant thumping noise?

"There is a world of difference between quiet playing and making a racket, both of which they could be doing, and one of which is rude and unneighbourly, especially at an age where they could go to the park."

To this, the woman responded: "They talked about the sound of the ball bouncing. The boys do make noise too to be fair, they’re calling to each other like you do when you play.

"It was about 7pm on a Sunday when the message arrived. They’d been out there for half an hour. That was the only time that day they’d been outside. We’d been out all day.

"For context, they spend every other weekend at their dad's house and half the school holidays."

One commenter sided with the mum, writing: "Tell them to f*** off. If they want dead silence at the weekend, they can move to the countryside. Live next door to somebody and you will hear them in their garden, that is part of normal life. Your children are doing nothing wrong."

Another added: "I don't think it should matter how long they are out or if they make a noise, if you have neighbors you should expect noise. As long as it is not too early or too late then I think it is fine."