New iPhone feature will let you edit your texts after they've been sent

5 May 2020, 21:09

This new feature will finally put iMessage ahead of the game
This new feature will finally put iMessage ahead of the game. Picture: PA

This is great news for all those risky message senders out there.

A brand new feature that could save you from sending embarrassing text messaged to the wrong people could be coming out on iPhones.

Apple has filed a patent for a new tool which will set iPhone users edit their messages even after they've been sent.

Hopefully the feature will soon be implemented
Hopefully the feature will soon be implemented. Picture: Getty

No other app allows this function, but currently there is no way to change a text in iMessage, or remove it once it's been sent.

It can be a serious inconvenience if you send a risky text and regret it, or send a message to the completely wrong person altogether.

However, this could very well be fixed in a future iOS update, if the new patent's application which was posted to the USPTO comes through.

According to the filing, the option to edit a message would appear whenever someone long-presses a text in iMessage.

Currently, holding down a message opens up options to copy a message or react to it using an emote.

At the moment, you can't even delete messages
At the moment, you can't even delete messages. Picture: Getty

The edit button could be used to change typos, but won't allow people to take back mean messages.

Apple says in the patent that altered texts would be labelled as such, meaning you'll know if someone's cheekily changed something.

Users may also be able to tap a "show edits" option to see what changes have been made.

The new iPhone SE — Apple

As with any patent, there's no guarantee that Apple will implement the technology any time soon.

It may shelve the idea before it's ever released, or it may unveil it in the coming months - there's no way to be sure.Apple isn't the only tech company to come up with an "edit" button for messages.

Facebook introduced the feature several years ago for comments and posts made on its platform, and WhatsApp doesn't let you edit messages, but you can delete them after they've been sent.

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