The world's largest ever gathering of Nigels is being held at a pub this month

10 September 2019, 14:32

Know a Nigel? Read on...
Know a Nigel? Read on... Picture: Viacom/Getty

Know a Nigel? You might want to let them know about this event...

A pub landlord is attempting to create the largest ever gathering of Nigels - that he hopes will commemorate everyone with the name before it goes 'extinct'.

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Nigel Smith, 56, is holding the event at his 600-year-old Bretforton pub on Saturday September 28, and he is calling it 'Nigel Night'.

The largest ever gathering of Nigels could be happening later this month
The largest ever gathering of Nigels could be happening later this month. Picture: Getty

Every Nigel that attends the event will get a free drink - and, while people who aren't called Nigel are welcome, they will need to wear a badge declaring the lack of Nige in their name.

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The event description reads: "With the name Nigel becoming extinct (no babies were named Nigel in the last National Statistics report, but let's face it, that's not too surprising!), we felt we ought to have a gathering of fellow Nigels - before it's too late!"

'Nigel Night' received extensive media coverage and, as a result, the page added: "We've heard from Nigels all over the world, all ages, Nigel cats, dogs and horses (still wanted to meet a Nigel the tortoise!) and we are looking forward to meeting so many Nigels on 28 September.

The event till take place at The Fleece Inn at 7pm on 28 September.


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