CBeebies introduces George their first ever presenter with Down's Syndrome

21 September 2021, 17:03

George Webster is CBeebies' new presenter
George Webster is CBeebies' new presenter. Picture: BBC
Heart reporter

By Heart reporter

The preschool kids' channel has been praised for their inclusivity, but it's clear to see that it's George Webster's star quality that got him on TV rather than his condition.

CBeebies has introduced their first ever presenter with Down's Syndrome, George Webster.

The 20-year-old previously appeared in a short film for BBC Bitesize about misconceptions of those living with the genetic condition, and bosses were so impressed that they invited him to join their preschool channel.

Leeds-born George will join CBeebies as a guest presenter from the CBeebies House, hosting segments and links between programmes.

George has a very varied CV, and is an actor, dancer and ambassador for the disability charity Mencap.

He was announced in a social media video shared on Monday, where he explained he loves cooking and dancing.

In the clip, which showed him at home with his parents, interacting with other stars of the digital channel and showing off his culinary skills, expertly blending a smoothie, he said: “I feel so proud and I’m feeling so excited to start."

George also said: “When I was young I was told that I can be anything. And look – here I am in the CBeebies House, ready to cook and sing. This is me, I am George. I can’t wait to be your friend.”

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George will. be presenting from the CBeebies House
George will. be presenting from the CBeebies House. Picture: BBC

His appointment has been met with a lot of enthusiasm, and praise for CBeebies embracing more inclusion and diversity - but noted that it's George's natural energy that makes him such a fab addition to the channel.

One parent tweeted: "Given how much the the mentally disabled (which I am as well) aren't given as many (if any) opportunities in the industry, this is great to see not because he ticks a box, but because he's a natural presenter and going off this, he's going to do very well."

Another added: "My boy has autism and he turned to me and said “I like George Daddy”. That’s all you need to know. Thank you CBEEBIES. You’ve done a wonderful thing today."