Is it ever OK to leave a child unattended outside a shop?

4 October 2018, 11:46 | Updated: 4 October 2018, 12:50

A toddler was spotted in a toy car outside a shop whilst the parent was inside.

A picture of a chid left unattended in its pushchair outside a shop while its parents shopped inside has sparked debate.

The image, published on the The Metro, shows a young toddler in a ride-on pink car waiting outside a charity shop, apparently waiting for a parent or guardian to return.

Child waiting outside shop
Child waiting outside shop. Picture: Getty Images

The picture was posted onto a local Facebook page, which caused a flurry of opinions as to whether it was an acceptable thing for an adult to do.

One social media user wrote: "You just wouldn’t risk it! Bet she wouldn’t park her car outside with the keys left in the ignition!" whilst another argued; "What a joke. Shouldn’t be allowed kids."

A third angrily added: "You leave a dog out side shop not a child absolutely disgusting behaviour."

Others argued that the person who was responsible for taking the photo should have done more, with one woman posting: "If you was so concerned you’d of [sic] stayed with her until her mum returned or phoned the police."

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