Horrified mum discovers she's accidentally named her newborn daughter 'Lasagna'

23 April 2020, 12:47 | Updated: 23 April 2020, 15:40

The hilarious mistake was spotted not long after the name was made official
The hilarious mistake was spotted not long after the name was made official. Picture: Getty
Mared Parry

By Mared Parry

The hilarious mistake was spotted by the parents soon after she was named.

A mother has been left embarrassed after figuring out she named her baby girl 'Lasagne' by mistake.

The blunder was only figured out by the parents after they had christened her as 'Elizabeth Anya', or 'Liz Anya'.... which sounds just like Lasagna.

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The mum named her daughter but didn't realise what it sounded like
The mum named her daughter but didn't realise what it sounded like. Picture: Getty

Devastated that she didn't spot this sooner, the anonymous mum has asked others on Reddit about what she should do in this situation.

The name is a tribute to her late mother-in-law, so she is torn about whether she should change her daughter's name.

She wrote: "My husband and I welcomed our first child about nine weeks ago. We found out it was going to be a girl and we quickly decided on the name Elizabeth for her.

“Her middle name was originally going to be Jane, with the intent to call her EJ, however, when I was seven months pregnant, my husband's mother lost her fight with breast cancer.

“Her name was Anya (pronunciation: Ahn-Yuh). I loved her so I offered to change the middle name from Jane to Anya."

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She continued: “My husband and his family were touched and agreed so our daughter became Elizabeth Anya Jane Last-Name.

“We've been having frequent group-Skype sessions with family during the stay-home mandate so our families can see the baby, see us, see each other and stay connected.

“My sister pointed out that we named our baby ‘Lasagna’. I hadn't made the mental connection but if you put her first and second names together ‘Liz Ayna’ it really does make ‘lasagna’.

“I then told my sister that I doubt anyone would make that connection, especially considering people rarely use their middle names in daily life.

“But then my whole family chimed in and now everyone keeps calling my daughter ‘Lasagna.'"

Her family tease her about the name choice
Her family tease her about the name choice. Picture: PA

The concerned mum added that she's scared her daughter will be picked on because of her name, saying: "Now I'm scared that when she eventually starts school her classmates and others will latch onto this and make fun of her.”

And it doesn't end there, the mum explained that she's gone so far as to stop speaking to her relatives as they keep bringing up the lasagna connection.

Users of the forum were sympathetic with the mum's situation, saying that she shouldn't stress too much.

One explained she'd head of something similar, saying: “The other day I saw Amy Schumer changed her kids name because she didn't realise it sounded like genital (Gene Atell or something). So, it definitely could be worse!”

One joked: "hank god, I was really worried the kid was just straight up named “lasagna.” I’ve met kids named apple and Kale, so you’re far better off than some out there."

Many told the OP of worse names they'd heard of and that she shouldn't have to change her daughter's as it's "cute".

"There was a guy at my school named Stewart Pidcock. Everyone obviously shortened it to Stew..." commented one.

And another added: "My mom initially wanted me to have my great grandmother’s name, Thalia, as my middle name. Once she said my first and middle name together though, it didn’t seem like the best idea. My first name is Jenna."