Mum reveals unique hack to stop kids spilling milk and making a mess

19 February 2020, 17:49

There's no use crying over spilt milk
There's no use crying over spilt milk. Picture: Getty

Mummy blogger Maria Foy shared a picture of the hack on her Facebook page.

A crafty mum has revealed her amazing hack which prevents spills when making breakfast in the morning - and it's an absolute game changer!

Mummy blogger Maria Foy has shared the brilliant idea on her Facebook account, which will prevent your kids spilling milk everywhere, and it's easily done as you definitely already have all you need in the house!

It's a pain having to clean up spilled milk when your kids get a bit too cocky with the six pinter
It's a pain having to clean up spilled milk when your kids get a bit too cocky with the six pinter. Picture: Getty

Maria, who also goes by the blog name 'Happy Mum Happy Child', has found that when she lets her children have some independence with making their breakfasts, they tend to let the milk glug everywhere, but she's replaced the milk lid with another and it's switched up the game.

She explained that she found the tip in a group, and that it was originally written by a member called Kate Anderson.

Maria replaced the normal lid with a ketchup bottle lid, which gives those pouring the milk a bit more control over the amount that comes out.

Watties tomato sauce lids also work too! Photo is mine but the original tip was shared in a group of mine by Katie Andersen!

Posted by Happy Mum Happy Child on Saturday, 8 February 2020

She said that the lid fits perfectly and you can obviously still close the bottle too so that it stays fresh in the fridge - absolute genius for those with little ones!

The tip attracted thousands of likes, shared and comments, with many agreeing that it was a great one.

One mum said: "Really good idea, my bella is nearly 5 she puts her cup on the bench gets the kids stool and uses two hands to tip the milk in to cup.

"She does it step by step so she doesn’t make a mess she is bloody clever."

Another added: ‘Oh yes I need this for Mila!! Spills the bloody milk all the time!!"

With yet another member joining in: "Needed this the other night when Maisey spilt the milk. Slower pour."