Mum's furious rant at drivers who take up parent and child parking bays goes viral

9 August 2019, 17:08

The mum has slammed drivers who use the spaces in a furious rant (stock image)
The mum has slammed drivers who use the spaces in a furious rant (stock image). Picture: Getty

The mum branded those who park in parent and child bays without needing to as 'd*******ds'

A mum's rant at drivers who needlessly used parent and child parking pays has gone viral.

Fed up blogger The Honest Mum penned the furious message to those who park in the bays without having a child.

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In the message, in which she brands those who do so as 'd*******ds', she argued that a 'teenager is not a child' and that 'protecting your car' is not an excuse.

The mum's rant has gone viral (stock image)
The mum's rant has gone viral (stock image). Picture: Getty

She also slammed claims that parents with children who use the space are 'lazy', adding that trying to get a reluctant three-year-old into a car is akin to "trying to fold an ironing board into a suitcase".

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The mum added: "It’s closer to the entrance so it’s less roads, moving vehicles to come across when you have young, unpredictable children who don’t fully understand the road yet.

"It’s unreasonable to expect a three year old to understand the inner workings of a car park."

She also said: "Having empty car seats does not mean you are entitled to park here.

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"If you have children in your car, there are two adults, there are two adults or maybe more.. you can park in a normal space.