Mum-to-be shocks Instagramers as she shows off muscular baby bump

10 May 2019, 14:58

Kara showed off her incredible body on Instagram
Kara showed off her incredible body on Instagram. Picture: Instagram/Kara Saunders
Alice Dear

By Alice Dear

Athlete Kara Saunders still has abs 39 weeks into her pregnancy.

One mum-to-be has left people in awe after showing off her impressive baby bump.

Athlete Kara Saunders is currently 39 weeks pregnant, bur still rocking some powerful abs.

The CrossFit athlete from Queensland, Australia – who was named 2017’s second fittest woman – posed in her underwear and a workout top to show off her growing baby bump and update fans on her progress.

Kara wrote: “She’s almost fully cooked! People constantly say I must be so done and ready to get her out, but I’m not. I want her to stay in there and get all fat and strong and come out ready to boss! She’ll come when it’s time.”

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38 . W E E K S . . Here we go, Sunday update with 2ish weeks to go. Firstly, how did I get here? Secondly how crazy is a weeks difference at this late stage!!😳 . So keen to get a few more training sessions in before I’m on lock down. Also ate like a bird all week, picking at random scraps and drinking when I remembered, with a busy moving week. No big deal and no point stressing. Matty thinks I’m popping this week, I feel nothing. At 38 weeks I just feel exactly like me but a little more useless and significantly rounder. My body: Didn’t love moving house. My sacrum was lit! I spent an hour rolling and doing a @romwod and it worked wonders, but other than that I’m just the same. Anyway, this post is boring, this is my belly and there’s not much else to report. Will this be my last check in? 🤷🏽‍♀️ . #bubbasaundo #38weekspregnant

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Speaking about fitness, she explained: “I keep moving, eating well and drinking as much water as possible so I have some typical discomfort but it’s really not that bad. To be honest, it doesn’t matter because it’s not about me anyway.”

Kara added: “Training looks more like movement and it’s so different each day.

“I can’t even give you a recipe I follow because there isn’t one. Overarching rule is baby comes first and moving is for health and that’s it. I did some box squats and my body LOVED it!

“I look for movements that activate the right things to support me holding a person on the front, and avoid overexertion or anything that could have a long term detrimental effect on my body.”

Fans have applauded Kara for her incredible figure, with one commenting: “Still better abs than me!”

Another impressed person wrote on the post: “It’s absurd how much definition you have in your obliques and abs at 39 weeks pregnant!”