Expert reveals the signs to look for to tell if your child will be a future genius

13 August 2020, 11:51 | Updated: 14 August 2020, 09:49

There are signs to look out for that your child is a genius
There are signs to look out for that your child is a genius. Picture: Getty Images

An expert has revealed the signs to look out for that your child is a future genius.

Whether your child is desperate to be an astronaut, history teacher or artist, all parents want their kids to be happy when they grow up.

But it turns out there are some early signs which could suggest potential for high levels of intelligence in your little one.

In fact, according to Alex Dyer, CEO and Founder of Tutor House, mums and dads should be looking out for certain qualities in their kids.

Check out the full list of signs which could mean you’re raising a child genius…

If your child loves reading, they could be gifted
If your child loves reading, they could be gifted. Picture: Getty Images

1. A proficiency for reading

If your little one loves reading, this could be a sign they are gifted.

Alex Dyer states that ‘often the establishment of reading will mean they are picking up vocabulary and sentence structure far beyond their years’.

This means they will be better communicators and able to articulate their ideas and thoughts more fluently.

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2. Musical aptitude

Several studies have indicated that the ability to play a musical instrument from an early age is linked to higher brain functionality and IQ.

Not only does it improve memory, but it also changes the shape of the brain too.

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3. Asking a lot of questions

You might be tired of hearing your child ask ‘why’ all the time, but this is actually a huge sign of intelligence.

Alex states: “By wanting to understand the world and questioning why it is the way it is – your child is developing a talent for learning that will see them through to adulthood.”

4. Being talkative

If you find yourself telling your son or daughter to stop chatting, this could actually be a tell-tale sign they will grow up to be very intelligent.

According to Alex, being able to ‘talk’ your way into the metaphorical room begins at childhood, as he adds: “This gift can also be encouraged by parents without too much effort; encourage your child to express their views and opinions with you to enhance confidence.”

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