Parents warned to wash children's school uniforms daily to prevent coronavirus spread

10 June 2020, 11:02 | Updated: 10 June 2020, 11:14

Parents should wash their children's uniforms everyday
Parents should wash their children's uniforms everyday. Picture: Getty Images

Should I wash my children's school uniform every day? And what is the guidance for cleaning kids clothes?

Children in younger years have been returning to schools for the past two weeks as lockdown measures in England are eased.

Many schools have already told children they don’t need to wear their uniform, since it is more important they wear clean clothes to prevent the risk of spreading coronavirus.

Other schools have told parents to leave their children’s blazers and ties at home, along with any other non-essential items that are not easily washed.

Children are being phased back into schools
Children are being phased back into schools. Picture: PA Images

However, whether they go into school wearing uniforms or their own clothing, all items that are worn outside the house should be washed at the end of the day.

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Studies show that COVID-19 can live on surfaces - such as clothing and towels - for up to 72 hours, so washing uniforms will reduce the risk of germs being transmitted.

As stated on the NHS website, “clothes should be washed at 60C (140F) or at 40C (104F) with a bleach-based laundry product”.

It also shouldn’t be left in the washing machine, while anyone handling the dirty clothes should wash their hands afterwards.

Boris Johnson has confirmed primary schools will open on June 1

This comes after it was revealed some schools are relaxing strict dress codes and recommending kids wear sports clothing instead.

While no firm rule has been set by government officials, many are telling parents to send their little ones in wearing T-shirts, hoodies and tracksuit bottoms for practical reasons.

According to The Sun, Northwold School in Clapton, London, sent out information to parents which states: "Government guidance suggests that for infection control that all children come into school with clean clothes where possible.

"As the school reopens to more children, we are now asking that children wear school uniform.

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"We acknowledge that this may be difficult for some families and we suggest that this could be supplemented with non-uniform clothing when needed."

This comes after Boris Johnson announced the phased return process for kids in nurseries, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6.

The Prime Minister's goal was that all primary school children in England were back in class for at least a month before the summer holiday.

However, on Tuesday the education secretary, Gavin Williamson, admitted that this would not be possible and some will have to wait until September.

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