Parents slammed after they skip son’s wedding so they can watch sports game

28 October 2021, 14:16 | Updated: 28 October 2021, 14:46

Parents missed their son's wedding day to watch sport
Parents missed their son's wedding day to watch sport. Picture: Alamy

A mum and dad have been slammed on Reddit after it was revealed they missed their son's big day to watch a sports tournament.

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Parents have been slammed online after they chose to watch sports instead of attending their son’s wedding.

The bride’s cousin told the story on Reddit, explaining that the mum and dad had refused to turn up to the big day because they already had plans.

“About three months ago, the groom’s parents let them know that they would be unable to come because the wedding was scheduled during a sports tournament they wanted to attend," the post reads.

Parents have been slammed online for missing their son's wedding
Parents have been slammed online for missing their son's wedding. Picture: Alamy

“They declined the invite to their son’s wedding, because they needed to be at this two-week-long tournament on that specific day.”

As well as deciding not to turn up to the ceremony, the groom’s parents then took back their offer to pay for the flower arrangements too.

The post went on: “Apparently the groom’s parents had agreed to cover the cost of the flowers. What my cousin and her husband didn’t know though, was when the parents declined their invite, they also rescinded the offer to pay for flowers.

“My cousin did not think to check on the flower reservation/contract because she thought it had already been covered.

“Well, you guessed it, no flowers arrived on the big day.”

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The user was then forced to buy flowers from a local supermarket so the bridal party had bouquets to hold.

“Apparently, the in-laws thought it was obvious that because they weren’t able to come (they were able, just chose not to) they would no longer be contributing,” the anonymous cousin continued.

“We ended up running to a nearby supermarket and buying them out of white roses so at least the bride and bridal party had bouquets.

“I don’t know how this detail was missed by everyone including the wedding planner but needless to say, my cousin was rightfully upset.”

Parents declined to go to their son's wedding because they were watching sports
Parents declined to go to their son's wedding because they were watching sports. Picture: Alamy

Unsurprisingly, the post caught a lot of attention online, with one person writing: “If you are going to ditch your child's wedding for something like that at least double the flowers as an apology.

Another said: “This just breaks my heart. I don't understand how someone could do this to someone they supposedly care about.”

While a third added: “It's the sheer disrespect, and the confirmation that these people don't care for you.

“There are other people there that can do the bare minimum just to have you around. If a person can't, then they are clearly giving the message that you are not worthy their time. Why stay in contact?”

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