Plane 'stank like a toilet' after parents changed toddler's nappy in cabin and made him wee in a plastic bottle

14 October 2019, 15:04

The plane apparently smelled awful
The plane apparently smelled awful. Picture: Getty
Mared Parry

By Mared Parry

A disgusted passenger has shared the details of the smelly ordeal.

A family who were travelling with their baby son have been blasted by one of their fellow passengers after being caught changing their child's dirty nappy openly on the plane seat.

They also let him wee in a bottle in public, as well as leaving the dirty wipes stuffed in the plane's seat pocket, assuming staff would clean it up.

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Fellow passengers weren't happy with the family's behaviour
Fellow passengers weren't happy with the family's behaviour. Picture: Getty

The family were travelling from Dunedin in South New Zealand to Auckland on Jetstar flight JQ284 last week and their son appeared to be around four years old.

A fellow passenger on the flight explained what happened to the New Zealand Herald but wished to keep their identity anonymous.

They said: "This kid s**t himself, so they got him naked and started to change him across from us.

"Flight attendants told the family they couldn't use the seat as a changing table and that there was one in the toilet, but the family continued to ignore them.

The passenger added that later in the flight, the boy was told by his grandmother to "p**s in a bottle".

And disgustingly, they then stuffed the tissues that they used to clean the bottle into the pocket of the seat in front of them.

They continued: "It was pretty rough for the passengers, the whole cabin smelt like a toilet.

"Despite other passengers complaining, the airline said they were unable to compensate them.

The anonymous traveller added that they were "refused a refund" for the flights as the airline do not issue refunds for "things like that".

A Jetstar spokesperson stated: "We’re sorry to hear that the customers were unhappy with their on board experience.

"For hygiene reasons and the comfort of all our customers we encourage families travelling with infants and young children to use the change table facilities in our toilets on board our A320 aircraft to change nappies.

"Rubbish bins are provided in the toilets on all our aircraft for the disposal of soiled nappies."

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