QUIZ: Which Harry Potter character is your soulmate?

12 January 2022, 08:12

Who are you destined to end up with?
Who are you destined to end up with? Picture: Getty/Warner Bros Pictures
Alice Dear

By Alice Dear

Ever wondered who you would settle down with if you lived in the wizarding world?

If you love Harry Potter as much as we do, you'll have times you imagine what your life would be like if, like Hermione, Ron and Harry, you attended Hogwarts and lived your life in the wizarding world.

What subjects would you excel in? Would you work for the Ministry of Magic or be a dragon tamer? Which house would the sorting hat put you in?

Well, have you ever wondered who your Harry Potter soulmate would be? Because we have, many times.

Take our quiz below to find out whether you're settling down in Malfoy Manor with Draco, moving to Privet Drive with Dudley Dursley, or starting your own sock company with Dobby the House Elf:

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