Want to get fit in 2019? We asked celebrity personal trainer Peter Mac for his top tips

7 January 2019, 16:20 | Updated: 16 January 2019, 15:36

Peter Mac is a personal trainer and running coach and trained Rochelle Humes for the marathon
Peter Mac is a personal trainer and running coach and trained Rochelle Humes for the marathon. Picture: Instagram/Getty

Personal trainer Peter Mac has trained with everyone from Matt Willis to Heart's very own Rochelle Humes. Here he shares his tips for running your first marathon.

Many start the new year wanting to get fit but it's always great to have specific goals. So if your dreams for 2019 are fitness related, why not aim for your first marathon?

It may sound daunting but we've asked personal trainer to the stars and running coach Peter Mac - known as P Mac on the 'gram - for all of his best advice for getting into long distance running and conquering those 26.2 miles.

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Whats a realistic time frame to work to in marathon training?

A marathon is the longest distance in professional running so you won't be blamed for thinking it could take years to train - but this isn't true!

P Mac says it can take as little as three months if you already run regularly.

He said: "For a complete beginner you would need a minimum of 4 months. If you run regularly I would say around 3 months. If youโ€™re a regular marathon runner you could probably go tomorrow."

How many times a week should you commit to marathon training?

The main ingredient in getting fit is commitment and if you stick to the plan you should reach your goal in no time.

P Mac advises: "You should commit to training 3 to 4 times a week varying your workouts from running, to strengthening your muscles through gym workouts and yoga."

"You must make sure you get the miles in and strengthen you muscles so you donโ€™t break down. I also highly recommend stretching a lot for better repair and recover."

What kit do you need?

When doing any exercise it's crucial to have the right clothing and equipment, especially footwear.

P Mac says: "Invest in a decent pair of trainers. You must wear the trainers you train in for the marathon your running in."

He also recommends buying good quality lycra clothing, shorts, a dri-fit t-shirt, a watch and of course some headphones for music to motivate you.

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Can ANYBODY run a marathon?

We've all heard the saying "if you can walk you can run" but how true is that?

P Mac said anyone can run a marathon but it takes dedication, "you can't just roll out of bed and go".

Is it possible to train for a marathon in the gym?

When the weather is bad it's easy to make excuses and hide inside away from your running training, but you can use the gym to make marathon preparations.

P Mac said the gym is fine for "strengthening workouts" but to remember that "nothing compares to running outside".

P Mac's top three tips

1. Follow P Mac's 6 week running plan - it's for all levels including total beginner

2. Prepare yourself mentally

3. Set yourself daily goals

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