Sleeping naked will actually make you HOTTER at night, say experts

25 July 2019, 16:24

Mared Parry

By Mared Parry

This hot weather's had everyone stripping off at night, but apparently you shouldn't do that.

This week's weather has topped the UK records, with today expected to hit highs of 39 C as the African plume gusts over Britain.

The sky-high heat has been carrying on into the evenings, which has had us all stripping down to sleep.

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Temperatures are soaring this week
Temperatures are soaring this week. Picture: Getty

But according to an expert, this isn't a good idea and should be avoided as it makes us unnecessarily HOTTER.

Consultant neurologist and sleep physician, Dr Guy Leschziner, told the Today Show: “People may be better off sleeping in clothing rather than sleeping naked.

“If you’re wearing a natural fabric like cotton it acts as a wick for your sweat and it can increase the surface area for the sweat to evaporate, thus may make you feel much cooler."

Sleeping naked isn't the right way to keep your body temperature at bay
Sleeping naked isn't the right way to keep your body temperature at bay. Picture: Getty

Sleeping in the nude could also be the reason behind feeling hot and sweaty too, would you believe?!

Dr Leschziner continued: “In many ways feeling hot, being overheated, is a form of discomfort and just like any other form of discomfort or pain, that is likely to have negative consequences on both getting off to sleep and staying asleep.

“So the quality of sleep will be poorer, particularly in the first half of the night when your bedroom is likely to be even warmer than perhaps later on in the night.

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“Essentially what’s happening is you are somewhat sleep deprived - the quality of your sleep is poor and the amount you are getting is limited.”

So how do we cool down in this blazing African heatwave? Well, Dr Leschziner obviously has recommended some cotton pyjamas.

Investing in a great, high-quality fan will also benefit you massively all day long, but ESPECIALLY at night.

From small handheld ones for your commute to cute ones for your desk at work, there are TONNES available, but if you're investing in one for your home you should go with a durable and trustworthy brand.

Swan have gorgeous 12 inch fans in an array of colours
Swan have gorgeous 12 inch fans in an array of colours. Picture: Swan

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Swan have their Retro 12 Inch fan which comes in a gorgeous selection of colour, including baby blue, a properly retro-coloured cream, pale pink, black, grey, a bright red and more.

It'll set you back nearly fifty quid but it'll be worth every penny when you're getting your fifty winks.

Other tips that can help keep you cool at night include splashing your bed sheets with cool water before going to bed.

No, we don't mean completely soaking your bed, but just spritzing it with cold water could help you get to sleep quicker.

Placing a bowl of ice cubes in front of your fan will also help cool the room as they melt.