Simple tin foil hack makes it quicker and easier to iron clothes

11 January 2021, 09:55

Simple trick makes it easier to iron clothes using tin foil
Simple trick makes it easier to iron clothes using tin foil. Picture: Getty Images

This simple ironing trick makes it quicker and easier to get the creases out of your clothes.

It's been a busy few weeks in the build up to the festive period, so it’s no surprise that most us are dreading getting back on top of the ironing.

In fact, a study by Tombola shows that it has become the second most hated chore by Brits, beaten only by cleaning the oven.

But if you want to get the job done a whole lot quicker, then this clever new trick - shared by Tombola - promises to make ironing easier, meaning you get to spend more time with your family.

First remove the ironing board cover and spread tin foil over the board, tucking the foil underneath.

Putting foil under your ironing cover with speed up the work
Putting foil under your ironing cover with speed up the work. Picture: Getty Images

Then replace the cover and the foil will now reflect the heat onto the underside of the garments, acting as a second iron.

After you’ve finished, don’t worry about taking the foil away as you can continue using the same piece for a long time and it won’t lose its reflecting power.

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Meanwhile, the same study by Tombola also found that a quarter of Brits currently spend more than 3 hours a week cleaning, which adds up to 470 days over a working lifetime.

According to the research, the most time-consuming chore is doing laundry, taking up almost a quarter of weekly cleaning time.

Mrs Hinch shares her best cleaning hacks

Washing and drying dishes and ironing came in second and third, but they’re also in the top three most hated chores.

And it turns out, dreaded tasks such as cleaning blinds and unclogging the sink also make the list, as well as cleaning the fridge, cleaning the toilet and changing the bed.

But Tombola have got you covered on the latter, as they’ve also come up with a time saving trick when it comes to putting on clean sheets.

Step 1

Place your duvet on top of the duvet cover inside out. Now roll the two together so you have a sausage shape.

Step 2

Put your hands in the open end of the duvet cover, into the corners and grab the end of the duvet and then grab the roll too.

Step 3

Pull the whole lot through and then turn over and close the end of the cover. So now it should look like a sausage shape still, but the duvet will be enclosed in the cover.

Step 4

The other end of the duvet is just tucked inside the roll, so pull that out on both ends so that you're separating the top and bottom ends of the duvet and simply unroll.

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