Couples should wait SEVEN MONTHS before booking first romantic holiday together

23 May 2019, 10:41

A new study claims one in five couples who holiday abroad before the seven-month mark split up on or after their romantic trip.
A new study claims one in five couples who holiday abroad before the seven-month mark split up on or after their romantic trip. Picture: Getty

New research reveals there is a ONE IN FIVE chance of splitting up with your partner if you go abroad together before the seven-month mark

Nothing sounds more romantic than a sun-soaked holiday with your new partner, but if you haven’t been together for at least seven months there’s a chance your relationship could fall apart.

That’s according to a new study by, who found that as many as ONE FIFTH of couples who jetted off on a loved-up trip abroad dramatically split during or straight after their getaway.

The research advised couples in the early stages of their relationship to wait until they’ve been dating for at least 30 weeks to jump on a plane as any passionate break before then has a one in five chance of ending in tears.

Eight per cent of the 1,500 Brits polled broke things off with their partner on the trip itself, while five per cent ended their relationship on the journey TO their destination.

A third admitted to having the holiday from hell with a significant other, a whopping 38 per cent said it’s the kiss of death for couples who can’t cope with each other’s bad habits, and 30 per cent put splitting up down to the stress of travelling.

Another 29 per cent said that holidaying too early could lead to the discovery that you don’t actually fancy your partner, 28 per cent were worried it might uncover an intolerance of other cultures and 14 per cent were concerned about not sharing the same culinary tastes.

Overall, 12 per cent admitted to having more than one terrible romantic trip away in their lifetime, along with 15 per cent who raised concerns about holidaying with their new partner’s children too early on.

People were also worried about their significant other's ‘smells’, or what they would look like in swimwear.

Chairman of, Keith Potts, said: “Living out of a suitcase in a cramped hotel room and sharing new experiences can test the best of relationships. Smells, habits and attitudes are all laid bare!

“We’ve seen a steep rise in enquiries from people looking for the luxury, privacy and space of private villas instead. Couples travelling with friends and extended families, in particular, are increasingly looking for a home-from-home and want to avoid the intensity that can so often comes with a holiday. After all, who wants to go away as a couple and come back single?”

But it’s not all doom and gloom for new couples wanting a romantic break.

The study also found that 47 per cent of Brits fell in love on that first exciting trip abroad, with over a third even returning to their very first holiday destination to bring back the spark.

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