Flock of 'vicious' seagulls attack toddler, 2, just days after killing her pet dog

2 August 2019, 16:35

A flock of seagulls attacked a two-year-old
A flock of seagulls attacked a two-year-old. Picture: Getty Images

A mum from Cornwall has revealed how seagulls attacked her two-year-old daughter just days after killing her beloved dog.

A terrified mum has revealed how a flock of seagulls attacked her two-year-old daughter just a couple of weeks after killing her dog.

Emily Vincent - from Cornwall - says her family are worried about the influx of aggressive gulls, after toddler Jessie was left with facial injuries by the birds while playing in the back garden.

Poor Jesse ended up with bruises on her face during the attack in 2015, but her mum has said her injuries would have been “much more serious” if she hadn’t been there to protect her daughter.

The family also tragically lost their Yorkshire Terrier called Roo after he was attacked by a gull who was trying to protecting a nest.

Emily thinks something needs to be done about vicious gulls
Emily thinks something needs to be done about vicious gulls. Picture: Getty Images

The pooch suffered brain damage after being pecked on the head, and although he was rushed to the vet, he had to be put down after failing to respond to treatment.

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Speaking out on the incident, Emily, 40, has thrown her support behind the family of Gizmo, a chihuahua who was reportedly kidnapped by a seagull in Devon two weeks ago.

The mum-of-four said: "I was horrified to hear the recent story in the papers about the poor dog that was allegedly taken by a seagull.

"Two weeks after they killed my dog they went for my two year old daughter, thank god I was there and managed to hit it but it still hit her in the side of her face causing bruising to her face.

"She was just outside enjoying the garden not threatening a nest or it's young that was on our roof.”

Insisting that “something needs to be done”, she added: "It shouldn't have to take that before something is done but that's what I feel is going to happen.

"I didn't share this story of my daughter as we got hounded after Roo but wanted to now as I don't want one to hurt a child or adult."

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Emily’s pleas come after 24-year-old Becca Hill - from Paignton in Devon - said her pooch Gizmo was snatched by the bird while her partner was blissfully unaware hanging out the washing.

Becca's chihuahua is thought to have been kidnapped by seaguls
Becca's chihuahua is thought to have been kidnapped by seaguls. Picture: Facebook

He allegedly watched the four-year-old miniature chihuahua be carried off in the seagull’s beak, but the couple are still hoping he’ll be returned to join them and their two other dogs soon.

In a Facebook post, Becca explained: "My partner was in the garden putting the washing out at the time and suddenly he saw it swoop down.

"It carried Gizmo a fair way as we couldn't see him anymore. I have no idea if he was dropped or where he is now."