'My mother-in-law paid for my wedding and now she wants to come on my honeymoon’

1 April 2022, 12:05

A woman has shared her wedding story on Reddit
A woman has shared her wedding story on Reddit. Picture: Getty Images
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By Heart reporter

A newlywed was left shocked when husband's parents insisted they were invited to their honeymoon trip.

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A woman has asked for advice after her husband’s parents insisted on coming along to their honeymoon.

Taking to Reddit, the anonymous newlywed explained that she and her husband had been facing some financial difficulties after Covid.

So, in a kind gesture, her in-laws offered to help contribute some money towards the wedding and honeymoon.

But ahead of the big day, the parents have now demanded that they come along on holiday with the happy couple because they helped pay for everything.

A woman has criticised her in-laws for demanding they come on her honeymoon
A woman has criticised her in-laws for demanding they come on her honeymoon. Picture: Getty Images

"My fiancé proposed to me in a simple conversation,” she said.

“It was basically a spur-of-the-moment kind of thing, but I loved it regardless.

“We pondered on the wedding for a few weeks, but decided we didn’t want to spend most of our money on the wedding, but on a gorgeous ring and a fantastical honeymoon.

"What doesn’t work for us is that my then-fiance had just gotten laid off, which had left us in quite a financial problem.

“For the honeymoon option, we asked his parents who are pretty wealthy if they could possibly lend us some money for it and the ring, and they said they’d be happy to.”

Would you let your in-laws come on your honeymoon
Would you let your in-laws come on your honeymoon. Picture: Alamy

But a week before the wedding, the in laws came over to visit and asked for a chat.

The post continues: “They basically brought us some wine, some flowers, some things to put into the new house that we had just moved into, and then they asked to talk to us separately.

"My mother-in-law sat me down on my bed and told me that she was so happy for me and that she bet I was excited to go to the US.

"I laughed and agreed, and started talking about it but she cut me off and started saying things about how we’re so close, and we’re like a little family.

"Then she said, 'Since we’re so close, do you think me and my husband might tag along? It could be like a fun family trip!'"

The woman told her mother-in-law no, but this caused a huge argument and she was called 'selfish' for not respecting that they had helped her out with money.

She then got very upset and took back her offer to pay for the wedding.

Unsurprisingly, the post received hundreds of comments, with people divided over who is in the wrong.

One person said: "I get that they are paying, very generous but obviously the money comes with strings attached. Why can’t they go on a ‘honeymoon’ by themselves instead of tagging along on someone else’s honeymoon? Just tell them to go on their own trip and let you go on yours."

Someone else said: "A honeymoon is not a family vacation. Why don't they go by themselves? What do they think people do on their honeymoon? Postpone the wedding until you and your husband are on the same page."

While a third added: “I may be in the minority here but personally I tend to think that if you can't afford something, you don't need to do it. Go SUPER small and delay the honeymoon. The honeymoon isn't a requirement.”