Wedding guest blasted for wearing white to a wedding and posing with bride's bouquet

13 October 2019, 16:47

The female guest was criticised for wearing all white.
The female guest was criticised for wearing all white. Picture: Getty / Reddit

Reddit users have criticised the woman's decision to wear all-white but some think her dress is perfectly acceptable.

A wedding guest has been slammed for wearing white to the bride and groom's special day.

The unnamed woman sparked outrage online when she was pictured at a friend's nuptials in a white blazer, white midi dress and white heels – and even posed for a photo with the bridal bouquet.

The controversial snap was posted on a wedding shaming thread, which instantly ignited a debate over whether or not it was acceptable to dress in the classic marital shade for the ceremony.

It's an unspoken fashion rule for many, but Reddit users clashed as they fought for and against rocking all white to the romantic event.

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The photo was posted on a wedding shaming thread on Reddit.
The photo was posted on a wedding shaming thread on Reddit. Picture: Reddit

One enraged Reddit user wrote: "I actually own the same dress she’s wearing - I bought it to wear to my rehearsal when I got married. As in, I bought it when I was specifically looking for a white dress."

"That's tacky as f*** to do that," said a second.

"It's linen. And WAY too close to white to wear to a wedding without looking like an insecure narcissist screaming for attention," raged a third.

While a fourth added: "That's in the spectrum of white... wow what a witch with a b."

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The unnamed woman's outfit sparked a debate online.
The unnamed woman's outfit sparked a debate online. Picture: Reddit

Another explained they wouldn't even dare wear a light shade of yellow for fears they would look too similar to the bride.

"There are some shades of light pink/light blue/light yellow that I wouldn’t even wear to a wedding because they could look close to white in pics, let alone off-white," they said.

"The only exception would be if the bride wanted everyone in white. I did attend a wedding once where that was requested but I assume that isn’t the case here."

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However some decided the fitted, buttoned-up frock was perfectly acceptable, and even wanted to know where to buy it.

"What dress is it? It's gorgeous," wrote one user.

A second added: "Yes it’s whiteish but it’s midi length and a textured casual fabric (linen) that I doubt could ever be confused with a wedding gown.

"Whilst I personally wouldn’t wear this to a wedding, I wouldn’t be annoyed if someone wore it to mine. I don’t think it takes away from the bride one bit."

While a third said: "This could so very easily be an appropriate outfit if only she didn't choose to wear a proper white blazer + white(/silver?) shoes!

"Like, seriously, had she chosen a colored/colorful blazer (or even just a colored scarf!) + colored/black shoes, this would be a fine and acceptable outfit in my opinion."