Woman caught in family feud as she refuses to change son's surname after remarrying

3 August 2021, 11:48

A woman has refused to change her son's name
A woman has refused to change her son's name. Picture: Getty Images

An anonymous mum has said her husband's family refuse to talk to her after an argument over her son.

A woman has asked for advice following an argument with her family over her son’s surname.

The anonymous mum remarried after the father of her son passed away, and has now refused to change the six-year-old's last name to match her new husband.

Sharing the story on Reddit, the woman said that she has been married for three years and her in-laws had suggested her son is given the same surname on multiple occasions.

A woman is in a row with her husband's family over her son's name
A woman is in a row with her husband's family over her son's name. Picture: Alamy

"My mother-in-law and sister-in-law said I was a hypocrite for expecting them to treat my son as their own and yet refuse to let them give him their last name,” she wrote.

"I responded that they're the ones letting a name dictate the kind of relationship they have with my son.

“I don't understand why it's so important to have my son have their last name. Like it's supposed to complete him or something.”

The woman is now in an argument with her husband’s family, with the mother-in-law even taking back the gifts she had previously given to her grandson.

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"My husband is conflicted,” the Reddit user continued, adding: “One minute he's saying his mum kind of has a point, the next he's on the phone yelling at her to stop it."

The post soon racked up a huge amount of comments, with one user writing: "So if your in-laws had a daughter, and she got married and changed her surname, they would no longer consider her family?"

Someone else said: "Your mother in law is a piece of work and I am appalled that your husband is not backing you up on this. You are absolutely right in that your son already has a father.

"It’s wonderful that your husband loves him as his own but the only person who gets to decide if your son changes his name is your son. And he is not old enough to make that decision yet."

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