Mother-in-law 'ruins' wedding by insisting on wearing all black outfit

2 August 2021, 13:32

A bride-to-be is furious at her mother-in-law
A bride-to-be is furious at her mother-in-law. Picture: Getty Images/Alamy

A bride-to-be has asked for advice after her mother-in-law said she is wearing black at her wedding.

A bride has been left furious after she discovered her mother-in-law is insisting on wearing a black dress to her wedding.

The anonymous woman is asking all guests to only wear neutral colours as part of the theme for her big day.

But taking to Facebook, the Australian bride-to-be revealed that her husband’s mum is refusing to follow the dress code.

A bride is furious at her husband's mum
A bride is furious at her husband's mum. Picture: Getty Images

According to the Daily Mail, she told her followers: “My future mother-in-law has chosen to wear a black dress for our wedding day.

“I specifically said on the invite I wanted neutral tones to tie in with our theme.

“In response to this she said: ‘It's my son's day too, I can wear what I like!’ I have no words - I don't know what to do.”

Unsurprisingly, the post racked up a fair few comments, with people divided over what the bride should do.

“Your fiancé needs to check his mother and correct her,” said one person, continuing: “I would feel so disrespected but it's his mother and he needs to handle it.”

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Another suggested: “Ask your husband to talk to her… if she still doesn't understand, let it be. She will be the odd one out. Enjoy your day and just ignore her.”

But someone else disagreed: “Let her wear it. She is the one who is going to look petty when everyone else is in neutral colours.

“Good luck hope you don't live too close to her.”

“Focus on you and pick your battles…,” wrote someone else, adding: “The man you love is the boy she raised and she could feel like she is losing him, so try to be kind.”

While another one of her followers agreed: “Let her wear black, she may not be comfortable in lighter tones. Choose your battles, it will make for a much more pleasant day.”

Would you be annoyed if your mother-in-law wore black to your wedding?
Would you be annoyed if your mother-in-law wore black to your wedding? Picture: Alamy

This comes after another wedding guest recently made one of the biggest faux pas’ by wearing white to her friend’s big day.

The anonymous woman was pictured in a floor-length white dress, which looks like something a bride would wear.

Shared on Reddit, the woman’s face was covered, but that didn’t stop people having some very strong opinions, with many even branding her ‘tacky’.

One person wrote: "The positive side to guests like this, is that every other guest there is probably thinking that guest is just as tacky as we do, even if they smile from politeness on the outside.”

Another said: “I would have them removed! Rude,” but a third responded: “Give her a break. she's always the makeup artist, never the bride.”

A fourth shared their own experience, writing: "My mother in law showed up in an “off-white” ball gown to our wedding. She’s a bit of an attention seeker."

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