Wedding guest divides opinion by wearing floor-length white dress to friends' big day

22 July 2021, 12:02 | Updated: 2 August 2021, 13:32

A wedding guest has been shamed after wearing a white dress
A wedding guest has been shamed after wearing a white dress. Picture: Reddit/Alamy

A guest has been slammed on social media after she turned up to a wedding wearing... a wedding dress.

There are certain unspoken rules at weddings that everyone tries to follow.

Make sure you show up on time, remember to put your phone on silent during the ceremony and don’t bring any uninvited plus ones.

But one guest recently made one of the biggest faux pas’ by wearing white to her friend’s big day.

The anonymous woman was pictured in a floor-length white dress, which looks like something a bride would wear.

A woman has divided opinion by wearing a white floor length dress to a wedding
A woman has divided opinion by wearing a white floor length dress to a wedding. Picture: Reddit

Shared on Reddit, the woman’s face was covered, but that didn’t stop people having some very strong opinions, with many even branding her ‘tacky’.

One person wrote: "The positive side to guests like this, is that every other guest there is probably thinking that guest is just as tacky as we do, even if they smile from politeness on the outside.”

Another said: “I would have them removed! Rude,” but a third responded: “Give her a break. she's always the makeup artist, never the bride.”

A fourth shared their own experience, writing: "My mother in law showed up in an “off-white” ball gown to our wedding. She’s a bit of an attention seeker."

Should you wear white to a wedding?
Should you wear white to a wedding? Picture: Reddit

This comes after another bride and groom gave their wedding guests a list of 10 rules they need to stick to on their big day.

The list was shared on Reddit and it includes guidelines such as arriving 15-20 minutes early and not wearing white or ivory.

But the couple then go on to demand guests don't wear make-up, don't have their hair done and, bizarrely, don’t speak to the bride.

The full list is as follows:

  1. Please arrive 15-30 minutes early
  2. Please DO NOT wear white, cream or ivory
  3. Please do not wear anything other than a basic bob or ponytail
  4. Please do not fave a full face of makeup (sic)
  5. Do not record during the seramony (sic)
  6. Do not check in on FB (Facebook) until instructed
  7. Use #(redacted) when posting all pictures
  9. Everyone will toast with Rémy. No acceptance (sic)
  10. Lastly must come with gift $75 or more or you want be admited in (sic)

The list finishes with the words: "If you have any questions or need clarification please call me directly."

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