Woman's rage as neighbour sneaks into her garden and steals rare flowers for her wedding

24 April 2019, 12:45

The bride took being frugal to another level
The bride took being frugal to another level. Picture: PA
Mared Parry

By Mared Parry

The rose bush in question cost the owner over £160

Weddings can be expensive, so it's perfectly normal if the bride and groom want to try and keep costs down by creating their own place names, invites, or even having the family help out with catering.

However, one woman took being frugal a step too far and quite literally crossed the line... right into her neighbour's garden.

The cheeky bride, who is unnamed, is said to have tresspassed into her poor neighbour's garden and cut off every single flower from the avid gardener's bushes, including her rare rose bush which cost a whopping £163.

Hundreds of pounds worth of flowers were stolen from the poor owner's garden
Hundreds of pounds worth of flowers were stolen from the poor owner's garden. Picture: PA

The owner of the flowers, from Australia, was confused when she noticed her prize flower bushes had been hacked up, and had no idea what had happened to them.

She shared the full story in a wedding shaming group on Facebook reveals The Sun Online.

"I walked out into my yard on a Friday morning to find every single rose in my garden cut and my potted impatiens and petunias gone, pots and all," she said.

"Naturally, I was devastated. My roses were butchered. Including my extremely rare Amelia Earhart hybrid tea that took me three years to track down."

"I filed a police report but there was little they could do. All I could do was prune them back and try to coax them into blooming again."

Not long after, a friend of the victim mentioned that she'd seen similar flowers to hers in the wedding photos of one of their neighbours.

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The bride and groom posed for their wedding pictures proudly displaying the stolen flowers
The bride and groom posed for their wedding pictures proudly displaying the stolen flowers. Picture: PA

After showing her the images, the woman knew straight away that those were her prized flowers.

"The tip off was the petunias and the impatiens in my very distinctive, white painted flower pots being used as centrepieces."

As well as the table decorations, the bride and bridesmaids had her pink, white and yellow hybrid roses in their bouquets and she was 100 per cent sure they were hers as she is the "only person in the region that grows them".

The woman added: "This bride apparently passed my house and saw my bloomed up garden and went out in the cover of darkness a couple of days before the wedding and cut all of my roses and took pots to use for her wedding."

After figuring out who the culprit was, the gardener got in touch with the police again, but the bride was only lumped with a £27 fine, despite stealing the £163 rare rose bush.

"She got a $50 fine. A FINE. That rose cost $300 and had to be shipped from across the country. She butchered the plant so badly it STILL hasn't fully recovered."

As if the crime itself wasn't bad enough, the bride showed absolutely no remorse for her actions: "The only words she ever spoke to me were 'They're just flowers, I needed flowers for my wedding and you have a whole yard full'."

People in the group were sympathetic to the woman.

One said: "Some people are absolutely vile. Who in their actual right mind thinks doing something like that is ok?"

Another added: "You need to file a civil lawsuit. Sue her to kingdom come!"