Brits warned of new Spanish air conditioning law that could affect holidaymakers

5 August 2022, 12:01 | Updated: 5 August 2022, 12:03

Spain has brought in a new air conditioning rule
Spain has brought in a new air conditioning rule. Picture: Getty

By Heart

Spain has introduced a new rule on air conditioning applicable in shops, offices and hospitality venues.

British holidaymakers are being warned about a new Spanish air conditioning rule.

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Shops, offices and hospitality venues will no longer be able to set their air conditioning any lower than 27C in the summer.

Birmingham Live reports that the law is part of a new set of energy saving measures which also bans places from raising their heating to above 19C in the winter.

The rule comes as parts of Spain look set to reach 42C in the next week.

Spain has seen some sweltering heat
Spain has seen some sweltering heat. Picture: Getty

An orange alert for "intense heat" has been raised in nine of Spain's provinces, and it's expected to last through to the middle of the week.

The hottest temperatures are expected in the eastern region of Extremadura, which is just above Seville, at the start of next week.

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Salamanca, Avila, Toledo, Seville, Cordoba, Jaen and Ourense have also issued weather warnings.

A spokesperson for Spain's state weather service said: "It cannot be ruled out that it will end up being classified as a heatwave, especially in the south-west of the peninsula, although it will not be as extraordinary as that of mid-July."