Boris Johnson to unveil 'comprehensive plan' next week on getting public back to work and children in school

30 April 2020, 17:31 | Updated: 30 April 2020, 18:31

Boris Johnson says plan for coming out of lockdown 'to come next week'

Boris Johnson returned to the daily press conference today for the first time since recovering from coronavirus.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said a 'comprehensive plan' on the getting the economy moving, getting kids back to school, and the public returning to work will be unveiled next week.

Speaking at the daily press conference today, he said that the UK is 'past the peak' of coronavirus and that hospital and ICU admissions with the disease are falling.

Boris Johnson says we are 'past the peak' of coronavirus
Boris Johnson says we are 'past the peak' of coronavirus. Picture: PA

He said: "For the first time, we are past the peak of this disease. We are past the peak, and we are on the downward slope."

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However, the Prime Minister added that, until we find a vaccine, "we are going to have to beat this disease by our growing resolve and ingenuity."

He continued: "I will be setting out a comprehensive plan next week to explain:

1) How we can get our economy moving

2) How we can get our children back to school, back into childcare

3) How we can travel to work

Many schools have been closed during the coronavirus lockdown
Many schools have been closed during the coronavirus lockdown. Picture: Getty

He then added: "In short, how we can continue to suppress the disease but at the same time restart the economy.

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"A huge amount of work has been going on with that plan, and of course as we produce it we are being guided by the science - and we will try to build the maximum political consensus across all parties and across the UK."

Boris reiterated that the following five key conditions must be met before we reach that point.

He said: "There will be five key tests that we must satisfy before we can out that plan into action".

These are:

1) Continue to protect the NHS and its ability to cope

2) We must see a sustained fall in deaths

3) We must be sure that the infection rate is falling

4) We have got to overcome the operational challenges on testing and PPE

5) We must all make sure that the measures we take do not risk a second spike that will overwhelm the NHS


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