Easter weather forecast 2019: Will it be sunny this weekend and what temperature will it be in the UK?

19 April 2019, 15:53

The Easter weekend is upon us - and it's set to be a scorcher!
The Easter weekend is upon us - and it's set to be a scorcher! Picture: Met Office

The Easter weekend is upon us - and it's set to be a scorcher!

The UK could see the hottest Easter bank holiday weekend yet with temperatures set to soar to up to 24C in some parts of the country. 

Here's you latest UK weather forecast for the Easter weekend...

What's the Easter weekend weather forecast?

All over the UK will see a fine day with long spells of sunshine – more than ten hours in places – and temperatures will reach the high teens to 21C today before it gets even hotter. The Met Office says: “Any pockets of fog will clear swiftly to give a fine day with long spells of sunshine.”

What temperature will it be?

On Saturday the mercury is set to rise to as high as 24C in some parts of southeastern England, making the UK hotter than popular holiday destinations such as Tenerife, Morocco and Rhodes. Easter Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday will cling onto the warm climes but is set to cool back down slightly to 21C.

The fine weather makes a welcome change to the recent chilly climate which has seen spring temperatures plummet to an arctic -6C. And, with temperatures at this time of year usually around 12C to 15C, this warmer spell is the perfect occasion to make the most of the great outdoors.

Tropical air is sweeping in from the Azores islands off Portugal’s coast, which is creating the balmy conditions. BBC weather presenter Behnaz Akhgar added the warmer weather is “thanks to a combination of warm air from the south and high pressure.” 

Will the weather beat record highs?

Potentially. Although it's not expected to beat the top temperature ever recorded over an Easter weekend at 27.8C, which was documented in two different years, it can't be ruled out. The first was recorded in 1949 and the second was eight years ago, in 2011.

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