Boris Johnson announces tier three lockdown for Greater Manchester

20 October 2020, 17:20 | Updated: 20 October 2020, 17:33

Boris Johnson has made an announcement about the Greater Manchester lockdown
Boris Johnson has moved Greater Manchester into tier three. Picture: PA

Boris Johnson delivered a press conference from No.10 Downing Street today (Tuesday 20 October).

Greater Manchester will be moving into tier three lockdown, Boris Johnson announced today.

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Speaking from No.10 Downing Street, the Prime Minister said that the decision had been taken in response to a high level of coronavirus cases in the area.

He said: "This evening, informed by the data we’ve just seen, I can announce that Greater Manchester will move to the very high level."

Under level three, residents of Greater Manchester will not be able to meet up with people outside their households in indoor and outdoor hospitality settings (though the rule of six will apply to public spaces like parks and beaches), pubs (that cannot operate under restaurant conditions) will be asked to close, and the public will be strongly advised not to travel into and out of the area.

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Greater Manchester will move into Tier three from one minute past midnight on Friday 23 October.

The decision comes after extensive talks between the government and local leaders, after they had failed to reach an agreement on the move to tier three.

Boris Johnson said today that they had failed to reach an agreement, saying: "Over the last 10 days, we’ve tried to get to a joint approach, unfortunately agreement wasn’t reached. I do regret this."

Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick said last night there have been 10 days of talks in "good faith" but that they hadn't been a breakthrough.

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He said: "The deteriorating public health situation in Greater Manchester means that we need to take action urgently. We have held discussions in good faith with local leaders for 10 days in order to ensure that the measures put in place were tailored to the local community.

"We have offered an extensive package of support for local people and businesses, proportionate to the approach we have taken in the Liverpool city region and Lancashire and in addition to the wider national support."

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Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham - along with other local leaders - were given until noon today (Tuesday 20 October) to do so, or risk having a lockdown imposed on them unilaterally, which has now taken place.

Greater Manchester has seen a spike in coronavirus cases
Greater Manchester has seen a spike in coronavirus cases. Picture: PA

Mr Burnham previously told Sky News that he would accept that decision, saying: "We wouldn't break the law… We would obviously have to accept that decision, in the end it's the government's prerogative."

Currently, Liverpool and Lancashire are the only areas in tier three.


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