Emma Raducanu fact file - Tennis star's net worth, height, family and titles explained

5 July 2024, 13:01 | Updated: 9 July 2024, 16:08

Everything you need to know about Emma Raducanu explained
Everything you need to know about Emma Raducanu explained. Picture: Getty
Alice Dear

By Alice Dear

What is Emma Raducanu's net worth? How tall is Emma Raducanu? Where is she from and what tennis titles does she hold? All your questions answered.

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Emma Raducanu, 21, will return to compete at Wimbledon 2024 after taking a break from the Championships last year due to an injury.

The young tennis player, who shot to fame in 2021 when she won the US Open for Great Britain, is expected to go far this year, especially in the mixed doubles where she will team up with mentor Andy Murray.

Fans of the tennis and of Emma have become entranced with her talent, and therefore have been left asking many questions like; what is her net worth, where is she from and what titles does she hold?

Here's everything you need to know about Emma Raducanu's life including the split from her ex-boyfriend to her impressive net worth.

Emma Raducanu at the Western & Southern Open
Emma Raducanu is returning to Wimbledon for 2024 after taking a year out due to an injury. Picture: Getty

Where is Emma Raducanu from and where was she born?

Emma Raducanu was born in Toronto, Canda on 13th November 2002 and was raised in Bromley, England.

Her father, Ion Răducanu, is from Romania and her mother, Renee Zhai is from China.

What is Emma Raducanu's net worth?

Emma Raducanu reportedly has a net worth of around £10 million, with experts predicting the young tennis player to one day be worth as much as £100 million.

After her victory playing in the US Open, a sports agent famously told the press: "She can easily earn £100 million or more. She appeals to a broad crowd and is so young she can only get better.

"The offers have already been pouring in. She’s the biggest thing in sports right now. The sky’s the limit.”

Apart from her incredible tennis skills, Emma's net worth is also down to her sponsorship and advertisement deals. While being the brand ambassador for Porsche, Emma has also worked with Nike, British Airways, Dior, Tiffany's and Vodafone.

Emma Raducanu's sponsorship deals, like this one with Evian, have made her a multi-millionaire
Emma Raducanu's sponsorship deals, like this one with Evian, have made her a multi-millionaire. Picture: Getty

How tall is Emma Raducanu?

Emma Raducanu is 1.75m tall, or 5ft and 7 inches.

Who is Emma Raducanu's boyfriend?

Emma Raducanu is believed to currently be single, having split from her boyfriend, Carlo Agostinelli, of just over a year last month.

Emma and Carlo first started dating in May 2023, however, the pair appear to have gone their separate ways since, with reports that the tennis superstar has removed and blocked him from her social media.

Carlo is the son of billionaire Robert Agostinelli, who made his huge earnings as the chairman and co-founder of Rhone Group, a private equity firm.

He was born on 13th July 2000, which makes him two years older than Emma, and attended school in Harrow before studying at Stanford University in the US.

Carlo player for Tottenham Hotspur’s development squad for three months before starting at Harrow, and later played for Stanford until December 2022.

He also has a sister, Heloise, who you may recognise from her stint on the reality TV show Made In Chelsea in 2018.

Emma Raducanu and  Carlo Agostinelli at Paris Fashion Week 2024
Emma Raducanu was previously in a relationship with Carlo Agostinelli. Picture: Getty

What titles does Emma Raducanu hold?

Emma Raducanu shot to fame in 2021 when she won the US Open at the age of 18-years-old, the same year she completed her A-level exams in Maths and English, but what other titles does she hold?

She currently has a ranking of 135, owns three singles titles on ITF Circuit and previously at Wimbledon became the youngest British woman in the Open Era to reach R16.

In 2022, Emma was also made an MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire) by King Charles III.