UK weather: Exact date snow will fall in February revealed ahead of 'severe frost'

26 January 2022, 11:16 | Updated: 26 January 2022, 11:31

UK to be cloudy and cold in latest Met Office weather forecast

The Met Office has predicted some snow next month, while weather charts see wintry showers sweeping the country.

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You might have noticed things getting VERY cold over the past few weeks.

But it looks like winter isn’t over just yet, as another ‘Arctic blast’ is headed for the UK in February.

In fact, snow could even make its way as far down as central England at the beginning of next month.

Weather modelling maps from WX Charts predict that on Saturday February 5 and Sunday February 6, snow will move across the UK from the west.

Snow is forecast for the beginning of next month
Snow is forecast for the beginning of next month. Picture: Alamy

James Madden, forecaster for Exacta Weather, told the Express: “We are expecting to see some changes as we head into the final month of the winter.

“Cold and snow will encroach from the north during the early part of February, and some of these wintry downpours may reach as far south as central England and the capital.

“The good news for snow-haters is that these blasts may only be brief as the mild weather from the Atlantic pushes across the UK.

“A north-south divide will also bring the worst of the weather to Scotland and northern England with southern Britain likely to dodge the worst of the weather.”

Snow could reach the capital in February
Snow could reach the capital in February. Picture: Alamy

Some forecasters have predicted the white stuff could even fall on Thursday this week in the north of the country.

Meteorologist for Weathertrending, John Hammond, told The Sun that 'a pulse of Arctic air' will hit some northern and eastern areas, causing some wintry showers in the Scottish mountains and the highest parts of northern England.

"There are signs of a more lively start to February - it looks wetter and windier at times than for much of the previous month," he said.

"We may see colder weather start to make more definite inroads from the north through the early days of the new month, turning some of that rain to snow."

The Met Office’s long range forecast also states that snow could fall in northern regions from early February.

They said for the remainder of January, more showery and windy weather is likely to continue in the northwest, with possible wintry showers over the higher ground of Scotland.