‘I kicked my best friend out of my wedding because she fell pregnant'

25 January 2022, 11:12 | Updated: 25 January 2022, 11:27

A woman kicked her best friend out of her wedding
A woman kicked her best friend out of her wedding. Picture: Getty Images

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A bride was left furious after her best friend fell pregnant before her wedding day.

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A bride has caused outrage after she disinvited her friend from her wedding for falling pregnant.

The anonymous woman explained that she asked her best friend of 17 years to be her maid-of-honour last year.

But when she invited all her bridesmaids round her house to speak through the plans, she found out her friend was six months pregnant.

Taking to Reddit, she explained: "She didn’t make an announcement during the gathering or look pregnant as she was wearing a baggy sweatshirt with jeans.

A bride kicked her pregnant best friend out of her wedding
A bride kicked her pregnant best friend out of her wedding. Picture: Alamy

“Just that she was eating a lot and one of my bridesmaid teased her if she 'got a bun in the oven' and she just laughed it off.

"Later during the gathering, the same bridesmaid teased her and saying 'how amazing your food baby seems real' while rubbing my best friend’s belly and only to realise that it’s an actual baby bump."

While the rest of the women were excited for their friend, the bride was left feeling ‘uneasy’ about the whole thing.

She continued: "I felt a little uneasy as how she will steal my thunder during the wedding since most 95% of my guest knows her.

"She then thanked everyone and told them that this gathering isn’t about her and it’s about me, and it will be the same during wedding."

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The woman later called her friend to ask why she'd kept it a secret, to which she explained that only her close family know.

"She told me that her dress is not tight fitted and there will be a drape covering the front of the dress,” the post continued.

Instead of allowing her friend to come as a guest, she decided to disinvite her altogether.

She continued: "I told her that I don’t want her in the wedding as she will steal the show and will definitely look very pregnant walking down the aisle and might not be able to run her maid of honour duties."

A bride has caused outrage after her confession
A bride has caused outrage after her confession. Picture: Alamy

The anonymous woman added: "Now, most of my bridesmaids wont be a part of my wedding and they’re calling a selfish mean b**** just because I don't want her to steal my thunder.”

Unsurprisingly, the post has racked up a lot of comments, with one person writing: “I would be more upset that my BEST friend of 17 years didn’t want to share her joy with me, especially after 6 months. But I see why she kept it to herself.”

"When, in the history of ever, had a pregnant bridesmaid ever stolen the show?,” said someone else.

A third wrote: “Steal your thunder? She did everything possible to avoid taking attention away from you. She didn’t announce her pregnancy, she didn’t respond when asked about it, she was wearing baggy clothing to try to hide it, and when the group found out she tried to redirect all attention to you.”

While a fourth added: “I was a bit surprised at our bridezilla here. Not only to kick her out of the wedding party, but to kick her out of the wedding entirely?”

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