UK weather: Met Office issue severe warning as TWO WEEKS worth of rain threatens to cause travel chaos

30 July 2019, 15:09

Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

A fortnight's worth of rain will batter Britain in just three hours today as the country is hit by thunderstorms.

It’s time to get the brollies out, because two weeks worth of rain is set to hit Britain in just three hours today.

Despite Brits seeing the hottest day in UK history on Thursday, according to the Met Office, the country will now be hit by thunder and hail storms.

In fact, a "danger to life warning" has even been issued for most of England and Wales today, with the potential for serious flooding.

With the torrential rain, lightning strikes, hail and strong winds, there will be an increased risk of travel chaos and last minute cancellations to train and bus services.

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Some Brits will see two weeks worth of rain in three hours
Some Brits will see two weeks worth of rain in three hours. Picture: Getty Images

Driving conditions will be tricky, while there’s also the chance that hundreds of homes and businesses could lose power.

A spokesman for the Met Office told The Sun: "Heavy showers and thunderstorms will continue to spread north-east across England and Wales, while also increasing in frequency during the day.

"In a few places there is the potential for 20mm (0.8in) to 30mm (1.2in) of rain to fall in an hour and 30mm (1.2in) to 50mm (2in) of rain to fall in three hours.

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"Hail is also possible, mainly over northern England."

The warning, which will run until tonight, covers almost all of England and Wales, except East Anglia and the southeast.

Through the night, showers will continue and the heaviest is expected to hit central and northern England, and Northern Ireland.

The south will see some blustery showers, but winds will ease overnight and into the morning.

As for tomorrow, a second weather warning for thunderstorms will cover northern England, North Wales and Scotland into the afternoon.

A far cry from last week, temperatures are expected to drop to around 18C, which is below average for this time of year.