Bear Grylls accidentally flashes his manhood while diving into a lake naked

4 March 2020, 11:37 | Updated: 4 March 2020, 11:56

Fans of Bear Grylls were shocked when he flashed his penis while diving naked into a lake.

Bear Grylls suffered the ultimate Instagram fail this week as he accidentally gave fans a glimpse of his privates.

The survival expert, 45, is best known for his popular TV shows The Island and Running Wild.

But when Bear decided to film himself diving into a lake naked, a rather unfortunate camera angle meant his fans got a lot more than they bargained for.

In the now-deleted post, a flash of the star’s manhood could be seen as he leapt into the water with just his socks on.

Bear Grylls accidentally flashed his manhood
Bear Grylls accidentally flashed his manhood. Picture: Instagram

And it seemed as though Bear was unaware of his flashing as the live stream remained on his account for some time before it was deleted.

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Despite the awkward blunder, this isn’t the first time the TV star has mistakenly showed off his privates.

In fact, he once sent a picture of himself accidentally flashing to pal Dermot O’Leary.

Appearing on Piers Morgan’s series Life Stories in 2014, Bear joked: “If there’s a substantial body of water around and nobody’s looking, I’m often quite tempted to strip off and dive in.

“We own this little island in north Wales and there’s a great cliff jump into the sea and I do this every morning to be honest when I’m up there and before anyone’s out.

“But the thing is with this photograph, I looked at in on my iPhone and when I texted it looked fine, sent it to him… and actually if you do blow it up, you can just see the end of what I didn’t realise was visible so – yes, that’s the danger of small screens on iPhones.”

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What’s more, he even proposed to his wife Shara in his birthday suit during a skinny dipping session.

He went on to tell Piers: “I pulled out the ring from my butt cheeks.

“She was standing there going ‘what are you doing?’ She was in a towel and a massive Atlantic roller came and I went, ‘will you’ – and it went – took me up the beach.

“I had all the seaweed and I was spinning around, so I tried it again, and in this sort of moment of heavy sedation she said yes.”

He added: “If there’s a substantial body of water around and nobody’s looking, I’m often quite tempted to strip off and dive in.”

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