Lucy Mecklenburgh's daughter rushed to hospital after becoming 'really poorly'

5 August 2022, 09:55 | Updated: 5 August 2022, 11:01

Lucy's daughter was rushed to hospital
Lucy's daughter was rushed to hospital. Picture: Instagram/Lucy Mecklenburgh

The daughter of Lucy Mecklenburgh and Ryan Thomas was put on oxygen and tube fed.

Lucy Mecklenburgh has revealed that her baby daughter Lilah was rushed to hospital after becoming ill.

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The former reality star, 30, said that the two-month-old was put onto oxygen and tube fed after becoming 'really poorly'.

Lilah was then diagnosed with RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) which caused bronchiolitis.

Taking to her Instagram stories, Lucy wrote: "Lots of messages asking where I've been for five days.

"Unfortunately Lilah got really poorly with Bronchiolitis so we have had a few days in hospital.

Baby Lilah is now thankfully on the road to recovery
Baby Lilah is now thankfully on the road to recovery. Picture: Instagram/Lucy Mecklenburgh

"She is home now and doing well.

"I'm obviously not in any position to give medical advice but this is our experience for parents that may want to know what happened and what to look out for.

"It started with Roman having a really bad cough I presume he picked up at a pre-school then Lilah caught it.

"Three days in she wasn't coping with it very well, tummy sucking in, cough getting worse, high temperature, coughing and choking on milk and her saliva.

In hospital she needed some oxygen and was tube fed for a couple of days/

"She had a nose swab that tested positive to RSV which causes Bronchiolitis.

"The swab isn't routine anymore but with Roman's health issues it was important for me to know exactly what she had."

Thankfully, baby Lilah is doing much better and has left hospital.

Lucy said: "She's home and happy now, just a little sleepy and still has a bad cough."